Large Groups, Special Events, and Outer Park Picnics

A Special Event Permit is required if your park activity includes:

  • Over 200 people (outer parks or main shelters)
  • Over 50 people at one of the outer parks
  • A bouncy toy or tent/canopy to an outer park (any number of people)
  • Catering and/or amplified sound at an outer park (any number of people)
  • An outer park event open to the public (any number of people), including a carnival, ceremony, concert, cross-country race, egg/other hunt, exercise training, exhibit, fair, festival, fundraising run/walk and any other outdoor activity (animal event, display, memorial gathering, orienteering, yoga, etc.)
  • Events previously mentioned and open to the public using one of the shelters at Franklin, Manito, Mission or Shadle parks

Application for a Special Event Permit must be completed no later than 30 days prior to your event, and may be submitted as early as the beginning of the calendar year of your event. All conditions and requirements (completed application, insurance liability certificate and payment and/or deposit) must be met before permit will be approved and issued. Some events may require review and special approval from the Spokane Park Board. As such, these applications should be submitted at least 90 days prior to your event. Read all information provided in the permit application to determine if this applies to your event.

Application Fee (per City Ordinance over 200 people): $50 non-refundable application fee, which may be applied/credited to all other event fees and charges.

Basic Fee: $25 per 100 people.

Additional Fees: $25 each for amplified sound, each bouncy/jump toy, each tent/canopy, each unusual structure; $50 for catering by an establishment.

Deposit Requirement: $250 for any event over 200 people.

Payment Options: Fees may be paid using exact cash, check, money order or any major credit card.

Your event will be most successful if you communicate clearly and work with the City in making your event the best and safest it can be. City staff and equipment cannot be used to support a Special Event. Event sponsors are responsible for traffic and crowd control or for paying for extra support/private security/street closure fees from the Fire and/or Police departments.

It is your responsibility to comply with all City, County, State and Federal Disability Access (ADA) Requirements. All indoor and outdoor sites for Special Events must be accessible to persons with disabilities. If a portion of the area is inaccessible, an alternate area must be provided with the same activities that are in the inaccessible area. Disabled access may include parking, restrooms, clear paths of travel, transportation and accessible vendors and booths. The Spokane Regional Health District recommends one (1) chemical toilet for every 250 people, or portion thereof. Public park restrooms are available beginning Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. It is recommended the sponsor provide a portable toilet for events outside this time frame. You must properly dispose of waste and garbage throughout the term of your event. Upon conclusion of the event, the area must be returned to a clean condition. If you fail to perform adequate clean-up, or damage occurs to City property, you will be billed at full cost recovery rates plus overhead for clean-up and repair.

Spokane is a city that celebrates special events. We are proud to host hundreds of events each year in our parks. Parks and Recreation would like to thank you for using our parks as your venue, and for contributing to the spirit and vitality of our City through the staging of your event.

For more information, and to to determine park availability for your event, contact Park Operations at 509.363.5455.

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Annual Park Restroom Season

Due to weather limitations, the annual park restroom season runs from the first weekend in May through the third weekend in September. The Park Board approved and funded this extended season in 2017. This restroom season includes all parks except Riverfront Park, Manito Park, Finch Arboretum, the SE Sports Complex and the Dwight Merkel Sports Complex.

Please Note: Early spring and later in the fall, portable toilets will be placed at youth sports sites and the more popular locations such as Mission Park, Audubon Park, Comstock Park and Franklin Park.