Riverfront Park bridge demolition re-routes pathway

Fianna Dickson 509.625.6297

Thursday, August 11, 2016 at 3:22 p.m.

Riverfront Park redevelopment is underway as the Howard Street Bridge South is prepared for demolition. The bridge, just north of the Rotary Fountain, is being fenced off, causing a re-route for pedestrians and bicycles.

A pedestrian bridge just to the east and pathways provide alternate routes through the park. Signs and maps along the fence direct visitors.

The SkyRide, Looff Carrousel, and all attractions remain open in the park. The Tour Train will now board passengers at the U.S. Pavilion through September 16.

Bridge construction is scheduled to be completed Fall 2017. An engineering study concluded the bridge was failing; it is being demolished and replaced with a bridge that will provide step-down features allowing visitors to get closer to the river. Redevelopment details are at RiverfrontParkNow.com.