Major Crimes

The Major Crimes Unit (MCU) investigates homicides, other suspicious deaths, serious assaults, robberies, and other major felonies perpetrated upon an individual. Investigations in the Major Crimes Unit can be long, complex, and highly publicized. Major Crimes investigators, in many instances, work to be the voice of the victim.

SPD Major Crimes Detectives are skilled investigators who strive to gather the majority of information within the first 24 hours of an investigation. MCU works high-profile and time-sensitive cases and are often rapidly chasing leads.

Crimes involving sexual assault are also investigated through the Major Crimes because of the egregiousness of these offenses. These cases are investigated through the Special Victims Unit (SVU). SVU is assigned all sexual assaults that occur in Spokane. SVU also tracks more than 900 registered sex offenders. They also set up internet stings and investigate child pornography that is found on seized hard drives.

Contact Police

For in progress crimes and emergencies call 911

To report a non-emergent crime contact:

To provide crime activity or suspect information that doesn't require immediate action contact:

For general police email contact:

For nuisance reports, including code violations (i.e. illegal camping, substantial litter in yards or alleys, graffiti, land use violations), parking complaints, and road condition issues contact: