Missing Person Cases

To make a missing person report, please read through the information below as well as the downloadable checklist and list of resources. While there is no waiting period to call the police department on reporting missing persons, having as many questions as possible answered prior to calling will streamline this process.

Reporting Missing Persons

Discovering that a loved one has been out of touch for some time can be stressful. The information you provide allows us to determine if a missing person investigation is warranted. We know you may be concerned, but please remember, you are the police department's primary resource – you know your loved one best.

Not all circumstances will meet the requirement for a missing person report as being out of touch with family or friends is not a crime. Adults, age 18 or older, have the right to make decisions for themselves in how they want to live their lives. Due to the time intensive nature of locating people, law enforcement is unable to provide the means by which to keep families in contact.

However, there are circumstances that do warrant law enforcement assistance. Should the situation meet the requirements for a missing person report, it is imperative that you remain in contact with the police department throughout this process. These cases do not resolve on their own and your response is vital for SPD to stay up-to-date.

It is important to have clear, specific, and credible information for police that explains the reasons you believe the person is missing. Checking with the missing person's workplace, family members, friends, usual hang-outs, as well as local hospitals and county jails before contacting law enforcement will help. Once you have checked thoroughly with all, please have one person contact the police and be the point person for the family throughout the investigation.

The downloadable checklist to help keep track of specific details and a list of resources is available at the link below. When you are ready, please call Crime Check at 509.456.2233 and call takers will determine if your case meets the criteria for a missing person's report to be taken. The information provided will be reviewed by the Spokane Police Department's Missing Persons Unit.

Current Cases

If you have any information regarding any of these missing persons or juvenile runaways, please contact Crime Check at 509.456.2233 and reference the associated case number.

Alexa-Jo Plue

Alexa-Jo Plue, 8/29/2005

SPD case 2021-20134462
Family reports Alexa-Jo was visiting family in Spokane and left the family member's residence on 8/7/2021. She may be in north Spokane.

Anna Dewey

Anna Dewey, 3/17/1952

SPD case 2022-20109338
Anna left her adult family home on 6/26/22 stating she was heading to church. Anna had just arrived to the home a few days earlier and expressed that she wanted to leave. Anna was homeless prior to being placed at the home and may be in the downtown area. Note: Photo of Anna is from 2019 – current photo unavailable.

Antonio Lagrou

Antonio “Tony” Lagrou, 06/03/88

SPD case 2018-20164434
Family has not spoken with Tony since 12/01/17 when he was at work release. It is unlike Tony not to contact family in this amount of time. Tony has ties to Omak but may be in the Spokane area.

Breanna Schiller

Breanna Schiller, 09/08/2002

SPD case 2020-20208370
Breanna left her brother's home in northwest Spokane on 12/1/20; she has not make contact with family since that time. The complainant recently provided a photo of Breanna from 2018.

Bryce Belstad

Bryce Belstad, 05/08/1955

SPD case 2022-20051725
Family has not had contact with Bryce or seen him since April 2021. It is unlike Bryce not to contact family for this long.

Catherine Taylor

Catherine Taylor, 12/28/1987

SPD case 2022-20074971
Catherine has not made contact with family since August 2021; although records show Catherine to have been in the Spokane Valley in November 2021.

Courtney Holden

Courtney Holden, 02/28/1992

SPD case 2019-20191912
Courtney has not been seen or heard from since approximately April of 2018.

Gaige Martin

Gaige Martin, 11/21/2006

SPD case 2022-20085683
Gaige is a reported juvenile runaway from state placement. Gaige may be living with his biological mother, Jamie Harris, who may be homeless and living out of her vehicle at this time. There are concerns for Gaige’s welfare due to being in his non-custodial mother's care.

Justice Michelle

Justice Michelle, 03/09/2005

SPD case 2021-20165466
Justice is as a juvenile runaway from state care as of September 2021. Justice may travel to Omak.

Justin Ator

Justin Ator, 07/21/1986

SPD case 2022-20134245
There are concerns for Justin's welfare due to his lack of contact with family and friends since late July, early August.

Kaitlyn Jellison

Kaitlyn Jellison, 09/27/1990

SPD case 2022-20135095
Kaitlyn has not contacted family since April 2022 and although it is not unusual for Kaitlyn not to be in frequent contact with family, friends have expressed concerns for Kaitlyn's welfare due to recent lack of contact over the last several weeks.

Leanndra Peterson

Leanndra Peterson, 04/24/2007

SPD case 2022-20148765
Reported juvenile runaway from 8/18/22. Leanndra will not disclose to family where she is but says she is with “friends.”

Lesiah Pickett

Lesiah Pickett, 08/25/1961

SPD case 2020-20026239
Family reported Lesiah missing in February 2020 stating that she had not been heard from or seen in a year. Lesiah is known to be transient in the Spokane area but has previously been located in Nampa, ID and Utah.

Michael Westlake

Michael Westlake, 02/14/1983

SPD case 2020-20144170
Michael was last contacted by law enforcement on 04/06/20 in the Logan Neighborhood. Michael is transient and is known to frequent areas around House of Charity and Mission Park.

Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson, 02/20/1977

SPD case 2022-20040392
Scott left his residence and job in October 2021. Scott did not disclose where he was going and has been unreachable. Scott may still be in the Spokane area or may have traveled to Montana.

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