Stolen Bike Recovered

Cpl. Ronald Van Tassel

Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 9:50 a.m.

Great follow up by a downtown Spokane Police Officer leads to the recovery of a stolen bicycle that otherwise would most likely never been recovered.

Officer Casey Jones is assigned to the Downtown patrol unit and is used to coming across stolen property, especially bicycles. A couple weeks ago he learned that a bike had been stolen from 18 year old David Staley, who has learning disabilities. Ofc Jones did follow up with David and learned that this is his only way to get around. Not only that, but David also takes care of his physically disabled father. David runs the house hold errands, like getting grocery’s and he does this all by riding his bicycle.

When Ofc Jones heard the circumstances surrounding this incident, he dedicated extra time and effort to try and locate the bike. Ofc Jones went on various web sites looking for people selling the same kind of bike. He sent photos of the bikes to David and his father and each time they replied that it was not their bike.

On August 1, 2018 Ofc Jones observed a male riding a bike downtown that matched the description of David’s bike. He stopped the male and sent a picture of the bike to David and his father and with great excitement, they replied that was David’s bike.

Ofc Jones recovered the bike from the male. At this time it is believed that the male unknowingly purchased a stolen bike and is not currently being charged for the theft.

Ofc Jones met with David’s father to hand the bike over. David senior said that this meant to the world to his son and he was in tears when he learned his bike had been found.

Most of us who have bicycles have them for recreation and when stolen, it is more of an inconvenience than anything. When Ofc Jones learned that David’s bike being stolen also meant part of his freedom was being stolen, he did everything he could possibly do to restore that to David. We at the Department are proud of the extra effort put forth to bring David back his bike and freedom.

This release was done with permission from David’s father.

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