SPD Responds To a DV Call

Sgt. Terry Preuninger, PIO

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 6:20 p.m.

Spokane Police respond to Domestic Violence call and arrest naked suspect without incident after de-escalation.

On June 12th, 2020 at approximately 4:00PM, SPD responded to a DV call with several other officers near the 3200 block of E 55th Ave.  Numerous callers were reporting that a male was chasing children around. Another caller stated a male pushed one female and punched another, who was bleeding. Another caller reported hearing a child screaming, 10 subjects were outside, with two males chasing another male down the street. Yet another caller was reporting that there was a male standing in the field naked, arguing with males. A female was calling in stating her husband got mad at her, choked her, pushed her up against a wall, grabbed her daughter and stopped her from getting help.

SPD arrived on scene and interviewed multiple victims.  One victim told SPD that her husband, Sherman Kinard (47), entered their bedroom angrily asking questions and then put her in a choke hold from behind.  He then dragged her down the hallway before throwing her up against a wall and getting on top of her so she couldn’t escape.  The victim began yelling for her daughter to call 911, but Sherman told her she should not call 911 and knocked the phone out of her hands.  The victim began making as much noise as possible and yelling for help to alert neighbors.  Sherman then reached around and bit down on the victim’s cheek and would not let go.

The victim stated that after this, her daughter tried to get out of the apartment, but Sherman pinned her up against the wall.  Sherman then began punching the victim in the head.  As this was happening a neighbor knocked on the door and the victim screamed for them to open the door and help.

The neighbor told SPD that she heard a female in the apartment call for help, so they opened the door.  A young girl ran out past the neighbor and a male (Sherman) stopped hitting the victim on the floor, got up, and chased the girl out the door, knocking the neighbor against the railing and down several stairs.

Additional witnesses stated that they saw Sherman chasing a child.  The witnesses chased after Sherman to help the child and caught up to him.  They tell SPD that Sherman appeared “out of his mind” and was calling himself “Lord” and “Jesus”.  Sherman managed to get free and run again, but the witnesses caught him a second time and managed to hold him until SPD arrived.

SPD Officers approached Sherman as he was lying on the grass a short distance from where the initial incident occurred.  He was naked, appeared to be breathing heavily, and had a white substance around his mouth.  Officers began speaking with Sherman in an attempt to de-escalate him. He said wanted to be called Jesus and Sammy Rollins. He asked officers numerous times to touch his penis and made reference to George Floyd. He addressed the crowd of people that had formed in the area wanting them to have their cameras out. He made reference to officers killing him.  Officer Stanley did advise force may be used against him and did a spark test of his TASER.

Officers talked to Sherman for an extended amount of time and were able to de-escalate him and talk him into lying on a gurney for medics and was later transported to the hospital without incident.

While waiting for Sherman to get dressed at the hospital to be taken into custody, there was a scuffle between Sherman and hospital security.  Officers advised Sherman that he was under arrest and secured him with two sets of handcuffs.  He was transported from the hospital to a patrol car via wheelchair.  He was then transported and book into jail for Assault 2, Interfering with Reporting of Domestic Violence, and Disorderly Conduct.  There is also probable cause to charge Sherman with Unlawful possession of a firearm for two handguns that were found at the residence where the incident took place.

Sherman has several previous felony convictions that include Arson 2nd and Burglary 2nd.

His bond was set at $250,000. 


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