Road Rage Collision

Sgt. Terry Preuninger, PIO

Friday, October 30, 2020 at 4:59 p.m.

SPD responds to a road rage incident that results in an assault with a vehicle.  The collision shuts down South Regal Street for hours. 

At about 12:15 PM the Spokane Police Department received numerous calls related to what was a reported intentional collision involving two cars and the resulting argument / fight between two individuals in the street in the 4500 block of south Regal St.  

The initial calls reported a white pickup truck had intentionally crashed into a smaller silver sedan and that the driver of the truck (a white male in his 60’s) was now hitting the driver of the sedan.  Before police arrived some of the callers said the driver of the sedan had crawled out the sunroof of his car and fled west into the strip mall parking lot and then south.  

When SPD arrived the driver of the truck was sitting in his vehicle and was cooperative.  The driver of the sedan was gone, had not returned and at the time of this release and has not been located.

Officers interviewed multiple witnesses and the driver of the truck and determined the following.

At some point on Regal St. both vehicles were traveling south and the driver of the sedan did something to upset the driver of the truck.  The driver of the sedan “flipped off” the driver of the truck.  The driver of the truck then struck the sedan causing it to spin out of control.  The truck then left the road over the sidewalk on the west curb line, drove through a small tree and some landscaping, entered the parking lot then drove back onto Regal and headed back to the north.  The sedan was stopped in the gas station lot on the east side of the street about to re-enter Regal St.  The driver of the truck then drove at and struck the sedan causing significant damage to the sedan.

The driver of the truck then got out and punched the other driver.   The other driver then fled, abandoning a small black case just outside his car as he fled.

The investigation is ongoing, the driver of the truck could be facing serious assault charges.  SPD would like to speak with the other driver, confirm he is ok and to get his side of the story.  Located in the abandon pouch left by the victim driver were numerous hypodermic needles and a substance believed to be a controlled substance, (heroin).

Regal has been closed for about two hours and may still be closed for some time.

The investigation is ongoing.


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