Drug OD Leads to Malicious Mischief Arrest

Sgt. Terry Preuninger, PIO

Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 12:02 p.m.

Spokane Police Officers respond to a report of a bloody, naked, impaired man destroying the laundry facility at Father Bach Haven downtown.   When they arrive they find a man in obvious crisis, covered in blood from multiple cuts he sustained by rolling around in broken glass.  The officers calmly take him into custody without incident, see Police Body Worn Camera footage available to media on request.

On Sunday December 6, 2020 around 5:50 PM SPD officers responded to the Father Bach Haven apartments in the 100 block of South State Street. SPD received a call of a man laying naked on the floor of the second story laundry room.  The man, (later identified as defendant Wayne Weston, 51) was covered in blood screaming, yelling and flopping all over the ground. The caller advised there was blood all over the walls, the floor and the laundry machines. The caller also advised the washer and dryer in the laundry room had been broken and pulled out away from the wall.

When Officers arrived they could see through two opposing doors with large glass windows exactly what had been described in the call.  In addition to all of the blood there were broken parts from the laundry machines and shards of glass everywhere.   The officers recognized that Weston could be suffering from, or could fall into Excited Delirium and immediately requested medics.  They then formed a quick contact plan and moved into the room. 

The officers calmly directed the defendant into a prone cuffing position and he complied with their direction, allowing them to take him into custody without incident.   He was handcuffed and removed from the laundry room to get him away from the glass.  Weston was covered in cuts from his earlier thrashing about, however none of the lacerations were life threatening.   As the officers were triaging him Weston stated he had been taking methamphetamine, and added he took more than his usual amount. 

Officers covered Weston with a blanket and continued to try and keep him calm while waiting for medics.  As he was being treated additional officers accompanied staff to Weston’s apartment where he lives on the second floor.

They observed damage to the defendant’s apartment that consisted of the entire apartment being flooded by water and so much debris thrown around that the unit would have been difficult to move around in.

The laundry machines were owned by a separate business.   The damage to the laundry room and the defendant’s room were in excess of $5000.00, requiring charges of First Degree Malicious Mischief. 

Weston was transported to the hospital to be treated for the effects of the drugs and multiple cuts.

No officers were injured during the incident however due to large exposure to potential blood borne pathogens more than routine measures had to be taken to clean and care for the officers, their equipment and uniforms. 


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