Recent Phone Scams

Cpl. Nick Briggs, PIO

Monday, October 25, 2021 at 12:02 p.m.

Multiple reports of phone scams targeting businesses/younger workers

On 10-24-21, SPD received notification of a phone scam targeting several area businesses and appeared to be directed at youth workers. The caller/s identified themselves as local law enforcement officials, and directed juvenile employees working at the time to remove money from cash registers and transfer the funds to gift cards.

The scammers utilized “spoofing” software; technology that allows a caller to change the phone number as seen by a call recipient, in this case making it appear a law enforcement number was calling.

The best protection against such scams is vigilance; law enforcement will never call and solicit, demand, or otherwise entice an individual for money. In general, law enforcement is not charged with collection of fines or costs and any such request, especially via phone, should draw suspicion. As a general rule, never give financial information over the phone to anyone whose identity has not been verified and is trusted.

If you receive a call from someone purporting to be in local law enforcement and question the legitimacy, you can call crime check at 509-456-2233 to help verify the callers authenticity.

The mentioned incidents are still under investigation. Anyone who received such a call, or has information about the culprits, is asked to call crime check at 509-456-2233, reference incident 2021-20183810.

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