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Construction Site Burglary Attempts

Ofc. Winston Brooks

Friday, February 11, 2022 at 8:38 a.m.

Quick response from Spokane Police Power Shift and Graveyard Patrol Officers spoil two separate unrelated burglary attempts within hours of each other.


Local business owner receives alert from surveillance and responds to business. Once the owner arrived, he observe a hole cut in fence of the property. The owner contacts Spokane Police for response.

On February 10, 2022 at 1:24am, a local business owner contacted Spokane Police Dispatch to report his property had been broken into and that he believes the person(s) involved were still inside. The owner responded to the property after he received a surveillance alert and noticed a fresh hole cut in the fence of the property. The business owner requested Police response and stated he would like to file charges on those involved.

Patrol Officers along with a K9 Officer and partner Haywire were dispatched to 2803 E 1st Ave in Spokane, WA. Within three minutes several Officers arrived on scene and set a perimeter on the business while gaining further intelligence. While on scene, Officers noticed the hole cut in the fenced in tow yard that the owner described.  

The K9 Officer and partner Haywire arrived on scene shortly afterwards. With probable cause to arrest those involved for Burglary, the K9 Officer gave several announcements that the tow yard would be searched by Haywire. After the announcements made, a male later identified as 31 year old Joshua D. Stensen exited the tow yard and was taken into custody. More announcements were given in which a second person later identified as 28 year old Brandy J. Miller exited and was also taken into custody.

During the investigation, Officer’s learned the two broke into the tow yard to steal Catalytic Converters which has become a high theft item in our area that is sold for scrap later.

Both Joshua and Brandy were booked into the Spokane County Jail for Burglary 2nd (Commercial).

The business owner thanked the Spokane Police Department for the quick response and apprehension, saving him hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


Alert Superintendent of Bouten Construction site contacts Spokane Police to report a Burglary in progress. Two individuals apprehended after attempting to steal approximately $6,800 in tools from site.

On February 10, 2022, approximately three hours after the above unrelated Burglary attempt, a construction site Superintendent received an alert from site surveillance that subjects were on the property of a fenced in building located at 15 N Grant St in Spokane, WA. As the complainant watched the surveillance live stream, he noticed two subjects pry a door open and gain entry which prompted a call into dispatch at 4:29am. The complainant also informed dispatch that on behalf of Bouten Construction, he would file charges on those involved in the Burglary.

Graveyard Patrol Officers were dispatched to the location with the first Officers arriving on scene approximately three minutes later. The first arriving Officers noticed a male in all dark clothing near an opening in the fence with several tools and bags. Once that male noticed the Officer’s patrol vehicles, he immediately fled from the scene leaving the tools and bags behind. That male was later apprehended and identified as 30 year old Jerry T. Parsons. Jerry was eventually booked into the Spokane County Jail for Burglary 2nd (Commercial) and Theft 1st.

While apprehending Parsons, several Officers checking the building noticed a second male exit the building. That male exited with several tools in his hands. Once noticing the Officers, that male dropped the tools he attempted to steal and fled on foot. Officers gave several commands to the male that he was under arrest and after a brief foot pursuit apprehended him. That male was identified as 27 year old Dustin W. Fulfer. Dustin was also booked into the Spokane County Jail for Burglary 2nd (Commercial) and Theft 1st.

Several more bags with construction tools and gear were located near the outer fence of the property and returned to the employees as they arrived on scene for work. These items totaled an approximate value of $6,800.

The Superintendent and employees were very appreciative of Officers responding quickly and apprehended these two individuals as this construction site has been burglarized several times over the past few weeks causing the employees to purchase new tools to complete the job.

The Spokane Police Department is committed to reducing property crime, enhancing the quality of life for Spokane citizens and protecting those that visit the City of Spokane. If you see suspicious activity please call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233.


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