Two Stolen Vehicle Arrests Occur Almost Simultaneously

Cpl. Nick Briggs, PIO

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 1:55 p.m.

Dayshift patrol officers recover multiple stolen vehicles, make multiple arrests, and recover a firearm during separate morning incidents

02-22-22 has been a busy morning for dayshift patrol officers. Just before 8AM, an individual reported a family member had stolen their vehicle on the City’s south side. SPD officers found the vehicle about a half hour later and attempted to stop it. The suspect, identified as 24-year-old Mohammed Jalhoom, attempted to flee after officers turned on their lights. Jalhoom’s attempt was unsuccessful due to icy conditions as he crashed about ten seconds later. Jalhoom then attempted to flee on foot, however he was quickly arrested by pursuing officers.

After Jalhoom was arrested, officers were able to piece together a string of criminal behavior; Jalhoom stole the vehicle just before 8AM, was involved in two hit and run collisions (one involving an STA bus) while on his way to a mercantile establishment. At the store Jalhoom stole numerous items. When store employees tried to stop Jalhoom he struck them, jumped into the vehicle, and departed with the merchandise. Shortly thereafter officers located the car and Jalhoom fled, crashed, and ran before being arrested.

Jalhoom had multiple outstanding warrants including a community custody violation from the Department of Corrections stemming from a rape charge. Jahhoom was arrested for theft of a motor vehicle, eluding, robbery, three counts of hit and run, as well as his outstanding warrants.

At about the same time, north side patrol officers were investigating their own stolen vehicle case. Around 8:15AM officers passed a truck completely covered in snow and ice, to include the windshield, traveling in the opposite direction. It was clear the driver could barely navigate the vehicle due to the lack of visibility.  By the time officers were able to get to the truck the driver had parked it and was walking away. A quick records check revealed the truck had been stolen from a business months prior and that a former employee was suspected of the theft. The officers contacted the named suspect (the former employee) and determined he had been driving the truck.

47-year-old Nathaniel Brant was arrested for taking a motor vehicle without permission. Brant also had three outstanding warrants including one for theft and another for fraud. A shotgun was recovered from the vehicle after Brant’s arrest.

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