Lt. Terry Preuninger, PIO

Tuesday, March 5, 2024 at 4:53 p.m.

Spokane Police DUI emphasis Officers arrest a man for impaired driving during a traffic stop and then arrest his wife for the same crime when she pulls up to the scene during the initial stop.

On March 2nd 2024 at around 12:10 am a Spokane Police DUI officer made a traffic stop downtown on a car driven by Dallin R Carpenter (33).  Carpenter was driving at a high rate of speed and about to turn the wrong way onto a one-way street.   After developing probable cause for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) the officer and his backup placed Carpenter under arrest. 

While conducting the traffic stop and arrest of Carpenter, a car pulled up driven by the arrestee’s wife Hannah M Carpenter (27) at about 12:40 am.   As Hannah Carpenter exited her car and approached the officers, they realized she also was impaired. 

After conducting a similar investigation to the one the officers were already undertaking, they developed probable cause to arrest Hannah Carpenter for DUI as well. 

Driving under the influence is a serious crime and takes a significant toll on both life and property every year.  In addition to limitations in a person’s physical ability to operate a vehicle being under the influence also impairs decision making and other cognitive functions.  SPD takes this crime seriously, devoting resources to address the problem and make our community safer. 

Rpt # 2024-20039635

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