Dignitary Protection Team

Dignitary Protection Team members provide close security to those individuals who need additional protection. These include but are not limited to local dignitaries, visiting national and foreign dignitaries, high profile speakers, and witnesses involved in high profile criminal and civil court cases. Persons provided protection might be controversial. Assignments may be both uniform and non-uniform in nature and may include motorcade, site, and personal security.

SPD's current Dignitary Protection Team was formally organized July 19, 1988, and was led by then Lt. Steve Braun. The first Dignitary Protection detail was August 22, 1988, when the team guarded Vice President George H.W. Bush on his first visit to Spokane. Since then the team has had the privilege of protecting visiting Presidents, Vice Presidents, U.S. and Washington State legislative members, generals, governors, foreign dignitaries, international sports teams, celebrities, and many individual VIPs.

The Dignitary Protection Team consists of a Lieutenant (Team Commander), Sergeant (Assistant Commander) and a contingent of experienced Officers, Detectives, and Corporals. The Team trains monthly in various advanced tactics to include threat assessment, firearms tactics, explosive recognition, emergency medical, vehicle motorcade and escort, physical and defensive tactics, and cover and evacuation procedures.

Contact 509.363.8223, for questions or requests of service.

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