The Spokane Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team is a team of officers with tactical expertise that have the ability to respond to and/or rescue persons in crisis whose actions threaten their individual safety, the safety of the community, or the safety of responding officers.

All members of the SWAT receive specialized training. Team members are trained in tactical emergency medicine, with some members receiving advanced emergency medical training. Some members of the team have also receive enhanced crisis intervention training (ECIT), building on the (40) hours of basic CIT training they have already received.

The SWAT team also receives training in rescue techniques consistent with incidents that involve individuals threatening to harm themselves, others, and/or responding officers. The team is equipped with the requisite equipment to ensure the safety of persons in crisis, the community, and of responding officers.

Additionally, working in collaboration with the Police Department, the Fire Department created the Rescue Task Force which deploys with the Police Department in the event of an active shooter or mass causality incident to render emergency medical treatment to victims.

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