Freya Street Comprehensive Plan Amendment

An aerial map showing the boundaries of the private application and city-sponsored application under review for File Z21-281COMP.

This proposal was adopted by City Council on November 21, 2022.

Application Number: Z21-281COMP


  • 514 S. Freya St. (private application)
  • 510, 514, 515, 519, 520 S. Ferrall St.; 3428, 3502, 3512 E. 5th Ave. (City proposal)


  • 35222.4802 (private application)
  • 35222.4701-35222.4704; 35222.4814-35222.4817 (City proposal)


  • 0.3 acres (approximate, private application)
  • 1.3 acres (approximate, City proposal)

Location: SW of S Freya St and E 5th Ave

Neighborhoods: East Central

Proposed Amendments: Land Use Plan Map Designation and Zoning Designation

Land Use Change: "Residential 10-20" to "General Commercial"

Zoning Change: "Residential Two-Family" to "Community Business-55"


Liam J. Taylor, Storhaug Engineering and City of Spokane


A proposed amendment to Chapter 3, Map LU-1, Land Use Plan Map and a concurrent amendment to the City of Spokane Official Zoning Map. This project is a private application for a 2020/2021 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Amendment.

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