Morningside Investments LLC – Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Application/Permit Number: Z1500084COMP

Proposal Description

This project is a 2015/2016 Proposed Comprehensive Plan Land Use Amendment. The review of these proposed amendments has concluded; detailed information on the general amendment review process can be found on the main project page. The City Council did not approve the request by Morningside Investments LLC, File Z1500084COMP, at the November 7, 2016 public hearing on this matter. A council action memo regarding this can be found in related documents section of this page.

J. R. Bonnett Engineering on behalf of Morningside Investments LLC has requested a Comprehensive Plan Land Use Amendment and associated Zone Change for property in the North Indian Trail neighborhood, located in the north of W. Barnes Road in area which has been previously platted a Windhaven 1st Addition PUD. This area has paved streets and sidewalk improvements currently in place, but no structures. This proposal is generally bounded by W. Youngstown Lane, N. Concord Lane, W Jamestown Lane, and N Camden Lane.

The location may also be described as: All parcels and tracts within the Windhaven First Addition PUD, except lots 1-8 Block 4, lots 1-13 Block 5, lots 1-5 Block 6. The area is comprised of 260 platted lots on approximately 45.5 acres. Map is below in both application materials and other map documents.

This proposal was to change the Land Use Plan Map Designation from ”Residential 4-10 units per acre” to “Residential 10-20 units per acre” and “Residential 15-30 units per acre” with an associated Zoning Map change from Residential Single Family (RSF) to Residential Two Family (RTF) and Residential Multi Family (RMF).

Past Meeting Information

Plan Commission agenda information and packets are located on their webpage. The Plan Commission held a substantive workshop on this proposal on June 8, 2016 and continued workshop review at their June 22, 2016 meeting. The Plan Commission does receive written public comment at their workshops. There is no opportunity for public testimony at the workshop(s). Public testimony is taken at the Plan Commission Public Hearing and also at the City Council Public Hearing. These dates are not yet set.

A meeting regarding the Draft Traffic Impact Analysis was held May 25, 2016 by the applicant and the traffic study author to review the draft. The Applicant, Morningside Investments LLC, was at a public meeting hosted by the North Indian Trail Neighborhood Council on Thursday June 16th. Check the North Indian Trail Neighborhood council's webpage for updates on their meetings.

On July 11, 2016, the applicant has provided a final Traffic Impact Analysis. This and several other documents related to the traffic study are found in the "Traffic Impact Analysis" documents below.

Additional Documents & Resources

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Traffic Impact Analysis

Contact Information

Written comments should be mailed, delivered to:
Planning & Development Services
Attn: Tirrell Black
Associate Planner
808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.
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