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As the Kendall Yards development builds out and with the reconstruction of Riverfront Park, the potential for increased urban development exposes new needs and opportunities for the North Bank. Several ongoing planning efforts and recent development proposals highlight the North Bank's potential to be a major growth center for downtown.

These proposed developments face an array of development standards which do not effectively advance public objectives for a safe, vibrant, healthy city. Current standards impact the height and design of buildings, adding complexity to development proposals and affecting the character of the North Bank. View the North Bank Development Environment map to explore these various layers of development regulation.

What’s Happening Now

The Preliminary Draft of the North Bank Subarea Plan is ready for public review. Staff will be reviewing the preliminary draft at the same time as the public, but the desire was to get the draft document out as soon as it became available to allow as much time as possible for feedback. It is the first time the draft elements of the document have been brought together, so please bear with the ongoing editing work. However, the main concepts are in place and need citizen comments and suggestions. Your input will be compiled and provided to the consultant team again on August 19 for ongoing testing and refinement needed to respond to public feedback. You can email your comments to:


The North Bank Plan is focusing on strategies to guide and optimize new development to ensure a vibrant North Bank for future generations. Planning for the North Bank will be a coordinated community effort of City staff, local stakeholders, key public representatives, and technical staff from partner agencies. Public engagement strategies are key to the planning process.

The North Bank Plan is part of the larger Downtown Plan Update, as well as the South University District Subarea Plan. Work products from other projects such as the Downtown Parking Study will inform all three planning processes. The North Bank Plan will be consistent with the existing Shoreline Master Program. This planning effort will not change the Shoreline Master Program.

The planning process for North Bank planning launched in January 2019 with a site tour, kickoff meeting, and focus group interviews. A series of North Bank Plan workshops were held over three days, March 5‑7, 2019, with attendees from the City, local stakeholders, key public representatives, partner agencies, and the public. Additionally, an online survey was available and survey responses will be used to help inform the vision for the area and guide the planning process.

The planning process is anticipated to conclude third quarter 2019. Check back for continuous updates!

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North Bank Plan Handout

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