Friends of Riverfront Spokane

We are now forming The Friends of Riverfront Spokane. Be among the first to join!

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What is Friends of Riverfront?

Friends of Riverfront is a coordinated group of volunteers who support and advocate for Riverfront Spokane. Membership is open to all community members. Serve as an ambassador, community advocate, and steward of our downtown jewel.

What will Friends of Riverfront do?

Friends of Riverfront Park seeks to maintain and enhance the park through volunteer support and fundraising to further a safe, educational, celebratory, and welcoming space.

Activities may include park clean-up days, fundraising activities, assisting with programming the park with recreational activities, advocating for park improvements, serving as a community voice for issues concerning the park, and assist with concerts and events as needed.

It's anticipated Friends of Riverfront will apply for a 501(c)3 non-profit status to support the responsible preservation and improvement of the park in cooperation with the City of Spokane Parks & Recreation division and the Spokane community.

Park Friends groups (Friends of Manito, Friends of the Bluff, Friends of Palisades, and many more!) are supported by the newly formed Development and Volunteer Committee (DVC) of the all-volunteer Park Board, and the affiliated Citizen Advisory Committee of the DVC. Park Friends groups network with one another to share resources and ideas.

Why do we need Park Friends groups?

Park Friends groups make Spokane Parks even better! The City of Spokane has nearly 100 park properties that provide healthy recreation opportunities, quiet green space, community-building, and improve our quality of life. Park Friends group volunteers add resources where budgets are limited, and enhance the vitality and quality of a park they steward.

For Riverfront Park, this is a key time to form a Friends group. Nearing the completion of its first renovation in 40 years, the park is poised to enter the next phase of its life and will need the support of dedicated community volunteers to help steward its future.

If interested, please fill out our online form.

What other ways can I get involved?

Parks & Recreation has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, from one-time activities to seasonal events and everything in between. Please visit our Volunteer page to see a list of current options, and if nothing feels like the right fit, contact our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss other ideas!

What is the King Cole Commemoration Project?

The King Cole Commemoration Project is a project of the Friends of Riverfront. It is dedicated to the leadership team who led Spokane's designation as a World's Fair site in 1974 (also known as Expo '74). The year 2024 will mark the 50th Anniversary of Expo '74.

In celebration of this anniversary, the King Cole Commemoration Project will dedicate King Cole Way and an iconic King Cole Gateway in 2024. Please join us in securing donations for an expanded King Cole Way and Gateway art piece for our 50th anniversary celebration in May of 2024. Learn more.