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Ice Age Floods Playground


Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Thursday, August 11, 2022






Free Science and Language Activities for kids at the Ice Age Floods Playground in Riverfront Park. Discover how the Great Missoula Floods shaped the Spokane landscape so many years ago and experience the Ice Age Floods Playground through hands-on activities. Stop by the large shelter and learn about the Salish language with instructors from the Salish School of Spokane! This is a free activity designed for school-age children.


Ice Age Floods Playground
Did you know that Spokane was once completely under water? Imagine all the rivers in the entire world combined, multiplied by ten, and covering the Northwest! The last ice age flood left behind this unique and often puzzling landscape that we call home.

Join local educators at Riverfront Park's Ice Age Floods playground to learn about these massive floods and local geology through play and exploration. Activities will include a self-guided scavenger hunt, a modified fossil dig, exploration of erosion, and a wet stream table activity. Activities are designed for school-age children.

Salish School
Salish, what's that? Salish is the first language of our region, and the word "Spokane" comes from the Salish language. Stop by the large shelter at the Ice Age Floods Playground and learn Salish words with instructors from the Salish School of Spokane.

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