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Our website is meant to help inform about the current requirements, training, and support opportunities that we’re able to provide to our current users as well as those interested in relevant subject matter on the subject of data, systems analysis, and how it supports the work being done to reduce and eliminate homelessness! We appreciate you taking the time to visit and welcome any and all feedback regarding how we can improve the site!

We recognize that people experiencing homelessness often have a higher risk for exposure to communicable diseases and little access to the healthcare system. HUD has resources for programs that offer services to our homeless community. Visit their website for more information.

The City of Spokane's Community Management Information System (CMIS) database is comprised of a diverse range of service providers and organizations located throughout Spokane County. The collective goal of addressing the social service needs of our most vulnerable citizens has resulted in a need to reframe the identify of our community’s human services database from just another HMIS to the CMIS. While the CMIS is still compliant with the HUD HMIS (Homeless Management Information System) regulatory requirements, it goes far beyond the minimum standards set by HUD and other federal, state, or local, funders. The CMIS links the dozens of participating social service providers, allowing for the close coordination and comprehensive data needed to address complex and systemic challenges in our community, such as homelessness, racial inequality, and healthcare. In addition to the myriad uses that the CMIS plays in direct client care and provider coordination, the extensive datasets in the CMIS also allow for more effective regional planning and research, leading to better, more holistic, service strategies and superior client care. The CMIS Team welcomes any and all questions!

Mission Statement

The mission of the CoC's CMIS is to provide reliable, relevant, and comprehensive, data on homeless and at-risk people served by the CoC and to ensure efficient, effective, collaboration between service providers through leveraging technology.


CMIS Update

On the afternoon of Saturday, September 30th, 2023, the CMIS will be upgraded to a new version that implements the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) FY2024 HMIS Data Standard Requirements. It will result in significant changes to the look and operation of the system.

Be on the lookout for the notice of the September User Training to introduce you to the new version. All agencies are expected to have someone in attendance. The CMIS Team will also be supplying reminders throughout the coming months about the upgrade.

Contact the CMIS Team at cmis@spokanecity.org with any questions.

2024 Point-in-Time Count – Jan. 23 – 27
Coordinated Entry Data Elements

HUD recently finalized a set of Coordinated Entry Data Elements to standardize data collection on core components of CE – access, assessment, referral, and prioritization. Learn more.

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