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It's important to us that you have the ability to create reports when you need them and be confident that that what you produce is accurate and complete. That is why this Fall our CMIS trainings will focus on building skills to help you improve your data quality, and showing you how to make the most out of ClientTrack's basic and advanced reporting features. As always, for those new to working with the CMIS or for those that just want a refresher, we will continue to have regular basic user trainings throughout the quarter.

As a reminder, let us know at least 72 hours in advance that you’ll be attending one of our trainings. If you have to cancel give us a 24-hour notice so we can plan accordingly. Also, there is always the chance that we may have to cancel a training, and we will make sure you know as soon as possible if that happens. We really don’t like cancelling or rescheduling trainings but if we did it's probably because we had too few people register, space is limited and the class is full, or if there is some complication with the location of the training. One last thing, not all courses are appropriate for all users, so if you are not sure if you should attend please contact us.

While we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, we will be moving our training schedule to online only. This will limit the number of trainees we can accommodate and may change the format in which we train. The online trainings are done with Adobe Connect. You will need a computer with speakers and a microphone and/or access to a phone line. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. In your registration-email please include your name, agency, contact information, and for new users, a signed copy of our CMIS New User Agreement (PDF 124 KB).


Data Explorer & Quality
Friday, November 13th from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Online with Webex


Basic User Training
Thursday, December 17th from 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Online with Webex

Training Descriptions

Below, you will find brief descriptions of the trainings offered by the Spokane CMIS Team. All of the trainings are not offered during the quarter. Review the schedule to see which are available during the current quarter. Included are syllabi of the trainings as well. Those documents are periodically updated without notice.

Basic User Training

This course will develop the skills needed to use ClientTrack, Spokane's local Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) software solution. In this course you will be trained as a new HMIS user and be introduced to the principles of HMIS and the fundamentals to getting started with entering clients in the system and accessing basic reports. This training is aimed towards new users or infrequent users of HMIS in need of refresher training.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the concept of an HMIS
  • HUDs HMIS Data Standards
  • HMIS Security & Data Management Basics
  • Creation of Client Records
  • Workflows & Workgroups
  • Project Enrollments & Exits
  • Entering Services
  • Basic Client Reports

Training Syllabus (PDF 415 KB)

HMIS Data Quality Reports

This course introduces users to the data quality tools used in HMIS to ensure data completeness and accuracy and provides the opportunity to apply these tools to real scenarios. You will get an overview of the various data quality reporting tools, how to choose the appropriate data quality report for the job, and how to identify and troubleshoot common data quality issues. Users will walk away from the course with a defined process for checking data quality monthly as an HMIS requirement. This training is geared toward those who use HMIS regularly and who are already comfortable with ClientTrack's basic functionality.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to the concept of data quality
  • Accessing data quality reports
  • Three distinct reporting tools that focus on universal, barrier, and financial data
  • Troubleshooting inaccurate or missing data
  • Defining your internal process for checking data quality

Training Syllabus (PDF 122 KB)

Annual Performance Report

Experience the process of running and analyzing the Annual Performance Report (APR) step-by-step using ClientTrack. The APR is used by HUD to track the progress and accomplishments of CoC funded projects. This course is vital in understanding how your project data populates this report, how to interpret the results, and correct any data quality issues that may be negatively impacting your final performance measures. This training is most appropriate for HMIS users that are working in a Continuum of Care (CoC) project.

Topics Include:

  • Overview of APR components (Q7-Q36)
  • Defining Leavers & Stayers
  • Running the APR
  • Analyzing the report for data quality purposes
  • Cross reference between datasets
  • Performance Measures Review

Training Syllabus (PDF 348 KB)

Dashboard Training

Learn how to access the Dashboard Designer to personalize the look and utility of your dashboard in ClientTrack. You will be introduced to one of many customizable features in ClientTrack to move beyond the basics. This is generally conducted in webinar format and requires that the user can access the website to participate. This training is designed for basic HMIS users who want to enhance their everyday HMIS experience and leverage a function that goes slightly beyond the basics.

Topics Include:

  • Access the Dashboard Designer
  • Understand the Dashboard Designer features
  • Display reports & graphs on your dashboard

HMIS Monitoring

Receive an administrative level overview of the HMIS monitoring process and learn about related tools and the information you need to successfully meet your HMIS requirements. You will get guidance on HMIS policy and procedure best practices, along with useful knowledge on HMIS security and industry practices. This training is meant for HMIS users at any level who are involved in the administration of City of Spokane funded programs.

Topics Include:

  • HMIS Monitoring Process
  • Policy and Procedure Best Practices
  • HMIS Security (Environmental, Digital, and Physical)
  • Handling Personal Identifying Information
  • Intersection of HMIS & HIPPA
  • Industry Practices (Data Liability)

Training Syllabus (PDF 330 KB)

Data Explorer Training

This course presents ClientTrack's Data Explorer reporting tool. Learn how to design queries and customize reports that removes the need for computer programming skills. You will be able to generate information that suits your needs and fits your schedule. Use it to meet reporting requirements or to just explore your data, either way Data Explorer will allow you to discover new ways of using your data for planning and decision making. This training is geared toward those who use HMIS regularly and have a need to extract data not readily available in stock reports. This training is best suited for HMIS users who are charged with maintaining an inventory of beds and units for their project.

Topics Include:

  • Domains
  • Linking Domains
  • Generating & Storing Reports
  • Data Visualizations Basics
  • Column Sort & Sum
  • Filtering and Parameter Building Basics

Training Syllabus (PDF 330 KB)

Housing Workspace

This course was created to introduce HMIS users to the Housing Workspace in ClientTrack. You will learn how to create a virtual rendering of your facility that includes a detailed layout of your dorms, rooms and beds. By establishing a virtual facility you will be able to make reservations, check clients in and out, which will allow you to manage your housing inventory in real time, and give you access to utilization and waitlist reports. This training is best suited for HMIS users who are charged with maintaining an inventory of beds and units for their project.

Topics Include:

  • Housing Designer
  • Facility Dashboard
  • Housing Reports

Training Syllabus (PDF 334 KB)

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