Critical Neonatal and Pediatric Emergency Care Capability Enhanced for Spokane

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Monday, May 9, 2022 at 9:56 a.m.

Spokane Fire Department offers new pediatric life-saving tools system-wide

The Spokane Fire Department has added a new emergency medical care system to help improve emergency care of sick and injured children.

Spokane Fire Department has partnered with Handtevy, a company specializing in EMS pediatric technology, to offer a pediatric resuscitation system and a mobile application to reduce the stress that accompanies pediatric medical emergencies. The mobile application provides medical treatment information for Firefighter/Paramedics within seconds as well as pediatric medication dosing and tools to help responders perform CPR and defibrillation and document care.

"This new system puts critical, life-saving tools and technology in our Paramedics' hands. Pediatric and neonatal emergency calls are incredibly stressful and emotional for clinicians due to the unique medical needs of children. Empowering our people with the right tools in the field for a patient and family's worst day is critical for a successful outcome. The new technology enables us to deliver consistent and safe pediatric emergency care with confidence," said Brian Schaeffer, Paramedic and Fire Chief of Spokane Fire Department.  

The new system's rollout began this week with Handtevy's educational courses instructed by three specially trained Paramedics under the direction of the Fire Department’s Supervising Physician, Dr. Joel Edminster. After the training is complete, the Handtevy app, checklists, and equipment will be distributed to neighborhood Paramedic Fire Companies. 

This specific purchase and program enhancement was made possible through an allocation of funding from the City Council and will be maintained with the support of the EMS Levy.

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