Full-time Supported Employment Opportunities

If participation in an examination is considered impracticable based on the type and severity of the applicant's disability, then you may be eligible for a Supported Employment opportunity.

If eligible, applicants may apply during the application window for full-time opportunities through the Supported Employment program, which is a special hiring authority that allows for a waiver of the competitive examination process. Eligibility and documentation requirements, as well as the process for applying are outlined below. The application period for this program happens throughout the month of October.

All classified job opportunities, to include Supported Employment, can be found on the City Jobs webpage under City Jobs. A job listing on this page does not indicate a vacancy, but rather that the City is actively working to develop a list of qualified candidates for potential future vacancies.

Please contact us at supportedemployment@spokanecity.org for more information about these hiring paths and current eligibility requirements!

Supported Employment Eligibility and Documentation Requirements

The Supported Employment Excepted Schedule is for individuals with disabilities seeking full-time work, who:

  1. have a physical or intellectual impairment which substantially limits one or more major life activities, and which would cause participating in a civil service examination impracticable and
  2. have a record of such impairment. The impairments must be material rather than slight; static and permanent in that they are seldom fully corrected by medical replacement, therapy, medication, or surgical means.

Persons who meet the above definition must provide the following required documents in order to apply through this hiring path:

Please note: Both documents must be issued from a licensed medical professional, a licensed vocational rehabilitation specialist, or any agency that issues or provides disability benefits. We highly recommend that these documents be completed ahead of time to avoid delays during the application window.

I Am Eligible – How Do I Use The Program?

  1. Submit your application during the application period for Supported Employment Opportunities through the City's website. Make sure to attach the required documentation mentioned above or your application will not be accepted.
  2. Once we receive your application we will review your information to ensure you: have provided a completed Proof of Eligibility Letter, Certification of Job Readiness Form, and meet the minimum qualifications for the selected jobs.
  3. You will then be placed in a candidate pool to be used when a vacancy opens in a job you are eligible for.
  4. Once a vacancy occurs, Human Resources will work with the hiring manager from the department to screen, interview, and select the candidate who will best meet the needs of the department.