City to launch full pay by phone parking program

Test period ends in Spokane; Program expansion begins

Julie Happy, 509.625.7773

Monday, December 22, 2014 at 8:59 a.m.

The City of Spokane has begun rolling out its full pay by phone parking meter program after a successful test period.

The test period launched Nov. 21 and included 41 meters on the block adjacent to City Hall and Riverfront Park. Now, the pay by phone feature will be gradually extended to all 3, 500 meters in the City. The completion date for the full rollout, weather permitting, is anticipated by the end of January.

To take advantage of pay by phone parking, drivers must download the QuickPay App onto their smartphones. The app can be found at Once the maximum time limit is purchased for a parking meter, smartphone users are allowed a one-time paid extension of 15 minutes on that meter. After the maximum limit including the extension expires, drivers must move their vehicle. Drivers who attempt to use the pay by phone feature at the same meter after the maximum time limit allowed will receive a message that they have exceeded the stay allowance at that meter.

When setting up QuickPay on a smartphone, users can choose to receive notice of payment and time expiration via text, email, or both.