Citizen Hall of Fame Announces Historic Inductees

More living, deceased citizens to be inducted through public nominations

Sarah Bain, Director of Development, sbain@spokanelibrary., 509.444.5318

Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 4:31 p.m.

The Spokane Public Library Foundation (SPLF) and the City of Spokane announces the first historic inductees into the Citizen Hall of Fame: Chief Spokane Garry (Spokan name Slough-Keetcha), May Arkwright Hutton and King Cole.

An additional number of living and deceased citizens will be inducted into the Hall of Fame as well through a public nomination process which ends on Feb. 16th.

Chief Spokane Garry (c. 1811 – 1892) was a Native America leader, educator, missionary, farmer and a man of peace. He spent his life trying to establish a reservation for the Spokane tribe on their homeland. “I am very sorry the war has begun. Like the fire in a dry prairie, it will spread all over the country, until now so peaceful,” Chief Garry was famous for saying.

May Arkwright Hutton (1860 – 1915), a working woman and suffragette, became the first female juror in Spokane County. Active in politics, Hutton worked tirelessly for the working man and woman. She organized the suffrage movement in Eastern Washington. She explained that working for woman’s suffrage was for the “laundry worker, the shop girl, the stenographer, the teacher, the working woman of every type, whose home and fireside and bread are earned by their own efforts.”

King Cole (1922 – 2010) was a 20th century visionary who changed the face of downtown Spokane. He coordinated local, state and national leaders and was instrumental in brokering the deal with the city and railroad officials for a land swap. As the smallest city to ever host a world’s fair, Cole created the community partnerships for Spokane to land on the international map. “I have full faith in the wisdom and strength of the community if they get together and work in a wise way,” said Cole.

These three catalytic individuals have set the stage for other citizens in Spokane to be inducted into the hall of fame as well. Public nominations close on February 16, 2015. A breakfast April 2 will honor the first individuals inducted.

The Spokane Citizen Hall of Fame recognizes individuals, both living and deceased, who have made significant contributions to the city of Spokane in one of six categories while providing an opportunity to raise funds for the Spokane Public Library. For more information, visit's blog page.