City Provides Annual Report on Drinking Water Quality

Marlene Feist, City of Spokane Public Works & Utilities, (509) 625-6505

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 at 10:15 a.m.

The City of Spokane today is releasing its required annual report on the quality of drinking water provided by the City’s Water Department. For 2015, as in previous years, the City met or exceeded all federal and state drinking water standards.

“The City is committed to providing to provide safe, clean drinking water to our customers at an affordable price,” says Scott Simmons, the City’s Division Director for Public Works & Utilities. “Our water system plays a role in protecting public health and safety and serves community growth.”

The City’s Water Quality Report for 2015 is available now. Citizens may request a mailed copy by calling the Water Department at 625.7800 and providing a current address.

In addition to the usual information on water quality and water conservation efforts, this year’s report discusses the City’s new program to replace the remaining 486 lead service connections in the City’s water system. Lead service lines were installed in the early to mid-1940s when World War II efforts made other materials scarce; many of the lead connections are found in Northwest Spokane.

The Water Department already has arranged appointments with nearly 200 homeowners with lead service lines to provide initial evaluations. The City has committed to replacing the lines over the next two to three years.

The City of Spokane operates the third largest water system in the state of Washington. Only Seattle and Tacoma have larger systems.

Beneath our City streets is a network of water pipes that delivers water from the City’s wells to some 75,000 homes and businesses within the current water service area. ┬áThe City maintains about 1,000 miles of water mains and smaller water lines.