Street Department has more than 90 reports of trees in the roadway

Marlene Feist, Public Works and Utilities, 509.625.6505

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at 7:28 a.m.

City of Spokane crews are out working to clear streets of downed trees in arterials. The City Street Department already has more than 90 reports of downed trees, with a many of them concentrated in southeast Spokane. Additionally, the City has deployed deicers to the hills to deal with possible slick conditions.

“We are asking citizens to have patience and to drive carefully today,” says Mayor David Condon. “We are again experiencing unseasonable weather that has left us with heavy, wet snow that has broken tree limbs and taken down trees around the City.”

Street crews have been out most of the night, supplemented by crews from the City’s Water and Wastewater departments. In some cases, the crews have moved trees to the side of the arterials to allow traffic to pass. Crews will return later to actually remove the trees.

Some trees are tangled in power lines so they can’t be moved until after Avista crews deal with them. The City is reminding people not to approach downed power lines.

Power to some traffic signals also is out. Motorists should treat those intersections as a four-way stop.

Citizens can report trees in the roadway by calling 3-1-1. Crews will work in the arterials first, before moving into residential streets.