Spokane City Council Votes Unanimously Second Round Of CARES Act Funds

Lisa Gardner, City Council Communications Director, 509.625.6226

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at 8:27 a.m.

The Spokane City Council voted and accepted CARES Act Funding to administer components of an economic support funding program to address COVID-19 impacts in Spokane. The Council voted unanimously to award 15 organizations funding totaling $1,128,023.70. 

“With the funds provided by Congress and Governor Inslee, we’re able to allocate additional relief to our community in need of direct financial assistance,” says City Council President Breean Beggs.  “I am particularly pleased that we can focus the majority of these awards on helping children and youth navigate the lack of in-person school days.”

The second round of funding produced a number of proposals that covered stressed areas such as Education, Food Security, Small Businesses, Homelessness and local Community Centers.  Each organization will receive funding to assist with programming and administrative needs that would otherwise become limited or end due to the financial strains of COVID-19.

Council voted on the following organizations to receive funding:

Mid City Concerns Inc., DBA Meals on Wheels           $ 50,000.00

West Central Community Center                                 $ 37,463.00

Southwest Community Center                                     $ 30,040.23

Martin Luther King Jr. Outreach Center                       $ 59,000.00

Women Helping Women Fund                                    $ 53,000.00

Northeast Youth Center                                              $ 63,418.92

Spokane Public Schools                                             $155,427.60

YMCA of the Inland Northwest                                    $133,779.00

Volunteers of American Eastern WA & N. Idaho          $104,942.00

If You Could Save Just One                                        $ 22,054.00

Catholic Charities                                                        $ 38,317.96

Feast Collective                                                          $ 48,781.00

Spokane Independent Metro Business Alliance           $300,000.00

Wishing Star Foundation                                             $ 25,000.00

Lutheran Community Services Northwest                    $ 6,800.00

“The organizations selected provided compelling proposals,” says City Council Member Karen Stratton.  “It is gratifying to know that The City will provide funding to organizations who continue to be good stewards and serve our community members and businesses who are in need during this pandemic.”

Spokane City Council approved Resolution 2020-0041 in late June. The resolution directs the City to seek reimbursement from the Coronavirus Relief Funds for allowable City operational expenses that are not reimbursable by other federal funding programs such as Federal Emergency Management Assistance. The City will apply for reimbursement for the benefit of the funded organizations as soon as reasonably possible to mitigate the damage of prolonged economic distress in the community.