City Council Votes Unanimously On Spokane Police Guild Contract

Lisa Gardner, City Council Communications Director, 509.625.6226

Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 8:26 a.m.

City Council voted unanimously to approve the 5-year Spokane Police Guild contract that adheres to City Charter requirements for independent police oversight.  The contract will be retroactive to 2017 and run through the end of the current calendar year.

“Eight years after Spokane voters approved independent civilian police oversight by 69%, we finally have achieved a police contract that empowers the Police Ombudsperson to independently investigate all complaints and publish closing reports with policy and training recommendations to reduce future harm, says Council President Breean Beggs. “I appreciate the community’s long-standing support for this work, the Police Guild’s willingness to engage, the Mayor’s leadership, the Office of Police Ombudsman’s steady work, and a united City Council that insisted on the will of the voters.”

Councilwoman Betsy Wilkerson: “This is not a perfect contract, but a beginning as to how we go forward with input from the community as we re-imagine what policing can be in Spokane.”

Councilwoman and Public Safety and Community Health Chair Lori Kinnear: “I am heartened by the collaboration that resulted in this Police Guild contract. I am happy to support this agreement for our police officers who serve and better our Spokane community daily through their tireless work to keep us safe.”