Special Paver Assists Thor-Freya Project

Kirstin Davis, Communications Manager, 509.625.7773

Friday, July 1, 2022 at 9:24 a.m.

Tens of thousands of vehicles travel the Thor-Freya corridor each day and many of those vehicles are heavy freight trucks. Concrete is being used for the Thor-Freya reconstruction project due to the corridor’s type and high volume of traffic because it is a stronger and more sustainable material. Contractors working on the project have brought in a Slip Form Paver to install concrete in high volume and in less time to keep construction on time and within budget.

“This slip form paver has the ability to pave a tremendous amount of concrete in one day,” says Director of Engineering Services Kyle Twohig. “Concrete is a stronger and superior product to asphalt and we need this corridor to hold up and have minimal traffic interruptions over time.”

Slip Form Pavers are typically used to build interstates and airport runways and require dump truck loads of concrete each hour to achieve the high-volume installation. Multiple dump trucks carrying 10 yards of concrete are used to feed the machine spreader. Center lanes on Thor-Freya are being be poured first with the outside lanes to follow and will take a few weeks to complete. Recent rain has impacted installation, however construction is expected to stay on its estimated timeline.

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