City Proposes Suspending Comprehensive Plan Amendments For 1 Year

Kirstin Davis, Community and Economic Development, Communications Manager, 509.625.7773

Thursday, August 25, 2022 at 12:34 p.m.

Spokane City Council will consider an ordinance that would suspend the annual Comprehensive Plan amendment cycle in 2023 on Monday, Sept. 19. The temporary suspension of the program would allow City planning staff, Plan Commission, and Council to focus on a range of amendments addressing the housing crisis.

The proposed ordinance would suspend any requests to amend the Comprehensive Plan for one year. If adopted, the next opportunity the public would have to request private amendments to the plan would be the 2023 cycle. However, the ordinance would not affect any ongoing studies or planning conducted by the City that might require comprehensive plan changes. Examples include code and plan amendments identified as part of the South Logan TOD study or sub-area planning conducted under the American Rescue Plan Act. Additionally, if any emergency amendments are required during the next year, those would not be affected by the proposed ordinance

This work aligns with Mayor Nadine Woodward’s focus on housing. She proclaimed a Housing Emergency and Spokane City Council adopted the Spokane Housing Action Plan in July 2021. Strategies outlined in the plan include the Shaping Spokane Housing code changes for ADUs, Short Plats, and Lot Size Transition approved by Spokane City Council. Mayor Woodward and Spokane City Council members worked together for the Building Opportunity and Choices for All interim zoning ordinance that encourages missing middle housing development over the next year.

In a normal cycle, the City accepts applications from the public for changes to the Comprehensive Plan, annually in September and October. Applications are then processed during the following year. The Comprehensive Plan addresses many facets of city life, including land use, transportation, capital facilities, housing, economic development, natural environment and parks, neighborhoods, social health, urban design, historic preservation, and leadership.

The public is invited to provide public comment on the proposed ordinance. Please contact Kevin Freibott at 509.625.6500 or by email at