Julie Happy

Construction season in full swing

Julie Happy, Division Communication Manager of Business and Developer Services, No Phone Number Available

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 5:10 p.m.

Consistent weather has construction work underway around the city.

A grind and overlay project on North Cedar Street is nearing completion. Another is about to start on Monroe Street from Wellesley to Rowan avenues. Work is also ongoing on separate projects on Arthur Street and Francis Avenue.

Over the duration of this construction season, the City has 41 projects planned at an investment of about $36 million in construction. Those include three active combined sewer overflow projects, seven sidewalk projects and 18 street projects

Six of those street projects will be major work on the following arterials: Arthur Street, Francis Avenue, Mission Avenue, Grand Boulevard, High Drive and Lincoln/Monroe Street.

Three major South Hill projects will get going soon. Work on Grand will begin next week. It will include the addition of ADA ramps, curbing and crosswalks, pavement rejuvenation work, and sidewalk repair. Additional street maintenance work on Grand from 14th to 22nd avenues will begin in late July.

Work will also start on High Drive in about six weeks with an integrated project that makes improvements for vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic, and stormwater management. Improvements to Lincoln/Monroe will follow in August.

Some of the work during this construction season will be improvements you may not see. That's because the City has taken a three-dimensional approach to street work to consider and integrate our needs above ground and below. That also includes accounting for pedestrian and cyclist needs, landscaping and opportunities to add or improve parks and green spaces.

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