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Commute of the Century…Ongoing!

Brandon Blankenagel, Senior Engineer, Integrated Capital Management, No Phone Number Available

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 12:25 p.m.

Commute of the Century…Ongoing!

Bike-to-Work Week was a great success, and the group rides for the first annual Commute of the Century were well attended! Thank you all who came out to ride with us.

To our delight, and to everyone's benefit, participant registration more than doubled Monday morning at the pancake breakfast! This highlights the importance of what we are doing with this event.

The group rides had a diverse participation, including club riders, new and seasoned commuters, mother-and-child combinations, and competitive cyclists. I believe all had a good time and several friendships were forged out on the road.

As advertised, the Commute of the Century is not yet over. The option to complete routes will remain open until July 31. There are still T-shirts available for new participants, so please take a friend along for the ride, and invite them to do the survey as well.

The survey is the key to the City's hosting of this event. Please click on EVENT SURVEY to fill out the survey each time you finish riding a route. A few notes regarding the survey:

  • The survey targets four specific roadway segments along each route, and will take 15 to 30 minutes to complete each time.
  • You may refresh your memory of the route segments by reviewing short video clips linked within the survey.
  • We recommend taking the survey on a computer, and using the internal survey controls rather than your internet browser “back” button.
  • The survey also functions on portable smart-devices, but may be difficult to manage reviewing the video clips and resuming the survey.

There will be prize drawings on Aug. 1. The survey is the key to getting your name in the hat for these drawings. Also, we will recognize all Commute Centurions at that time. Thank you for participating, and please take care out there on the road!

For any questions, please email

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