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More trees to go up around Loma Vista Park

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Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 2:02 p.m.

More trees to go up around Loma Vista Park

Dozens of new trees are going up around Loma Vista Park this fall, and you can help get them all planted.

The tree planting is set for Saturday, Nov. 1. Thanks to an Urban Forestry grant, The Loma Vista Park Canopy Project will plant 40 trees around the perimeter of the park. The trees are going up to help with a number of “green” goals, which include:

  • Increasing tree stocking levels within City Parks
  • Planting more street trees to improve stormwater mitigation, reduce outflows to the Spokane River, and improve water quality
  • Increasing the number of large canopied trees in an under-stocked park and neighborhood
  • Improving the diversity of species within the park, neighborhood, and urban forest

The City of Spokane Urban Forestry Program was created to manage, protect, and expand the population of public trees, predominately found on city rights-of-way and in city parks. The Loma Vista project will also benefit the Forest Spokane Initiative, an effort to plant 10,000 new street trees throughout Spokane to help address stormwater issues.

If you want to volunteer and help plant trees at Loma Vista Park, contact Melissa Burtt at or 509.363.5495. In the process, you'll learn about proper planting techniques, the right tree-right place principle, and how green infrastructure serves as stormwater mitigation. Come join us!

Funding assistance for this event is provided by USDA Forest Service and Washington Department of Natural Resources. Both are equal opportunity providers and employers.

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