Pradeep Hatcher

The plaza is now the Spokane Tribal Gathering Place

Pradeep Hatcher, Public Information Assistant, No Phone Number Available

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 10:30 a.m.

The plaza is now the Spokane Tribal Gathering Place

The new name for the plaza next to City Hall couldn't have been chosen at a better time. As the City celebrates Native American Heritage Month, the new plaza has just been named the Spokane Tribal Gathering Place.

On Monday, City Council members approved the name, which will be accompanied by the phrase, “The Place Where Salmon is Prepared,” written in the Salish native language. The council worked with the Spokane Tribe to find the name. The river and falls just below the plaza served as a gathering place for native peoples for thousands of years.

The approval of the new name is a fitting way to help celebrate the region's native heritage during Native American Heritage Month. To learn more about events throughout the month of November, check out the City's heritage month calendar.

The Spokane Tribal Gathering Place connects Riverfront Park with Huntington Park. Avista developed both Huntington Park and the plaza as a gift to Spokane in celebration of the company's 125th anniversary and long-standing partnership with the Spokane community. The Gathering Place offers stunning views of Huntington Park and the Spokane River.

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