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Major Improvements for Havana Street

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Monday, July 6, 2015 at 10:23 a.m.

Major Improvements for Havana Street

The Southgate neighborhood is about to see some major changes this summer. Not only does the work include a Stormwater Pilot Project, it will also include porous asphalt bike lanes. The City of Spokane will install a 36-inch water main between 37th Avenue and the Brown Park reservoirs at 57th Avenue as part of the city's Integrated Clean Water Plan. This project will provide our citizens with the most bang for their buck.

The Havana Street project includes the use of porous asphalt. This type of asphalt allows for water to drain though it and will help reduce the volume of runoff water. The City will also be using gravel swales on this project. Swales help slow stormwater runoff, allowing water to seep into the soil. The Havana Street project features a large amount of trees. These trees are being planted to absorb pollutants and further reduce the amount of stormwater runoff. 

Some of the Havana Street improvements include:

  • Full-width Pavement replacement
  • Additional sidewalk with pedestrian buffer strip
  • Porous asphalt bicycle lanes
  • A new 36-inch water main
  • Gravel swales
  • Additional parking spaces added to Ben Burr Park
  • Curb alignment (directing stormwater toward the Brown Park facility)
  • Connecting sidewalks from Havana to Glenrose in partnership with Spokane County

This project will have road closures but Havana and Glenrose will not be closed at the same time at any point during construction. The Havana Street project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2015.

The public is encouraged to attend weekly construction meetings at Ben Burr Park picnic shelter every Wednesday at 9 a.m., starting July 15th. If you have any questions or concerns contact Julie Happy, Communication Manager of Business and Developer Services at, or leave a comment below.

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