Marlene Feist

Finishing up Wall Street

Marlene Feist, Utilities Director of Strategic Development, No Phone Number Available

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at 11:25 a.m.

Finishing up Wall Street

The block of Wall Street between Spokane Falls Boulevard and Main Avenue has been the focus of lots of construction activity in the last year. We certainly appreciate the patience of the property and business owners on this block, including Wheatland Bank and Old City Hall with first-floor retailer Runners Soul.

While work on the new Urban Outfitters and an STCU location continues, a City project to install new surface treatments on this block gets under way on Monday, July 11. Pedestrian access along the block and to the businesses will be maintained during construction, but the block will be closed to vehicles. Construction will be complete in September. Bacon Concrete, of Spokane, is the project’s contractor.

The updated Wall Street block is designed to be pedestrian friendly, allow for events, and help lead people to a renovated Riverfront Park.  The project includes the installation of patterned, colored concrete on the sidewalks, meandering traffic lanes, new lighting, and landscaping.

Eventually, the City would like to extend the new design to the block of Wall Street between Main and Riverside avenues.

The new surface was needed following the installation of a sewer main in this block last summer. The sewer main is part of the City’s much-larger efforts to improve the health of the Spokane River. In addition to this upgrade to the treatment plant, the City’s Integrated Clean Water Plan details work to reduce overflows from combined sanitary and stormwater sewers and reduce the amount of stormwater reaching the river from separated storm sewers.

Wall Street from above

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