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Invest With Us: Getting to Know Your Area Expert

Jessica Fisher, Public Information Assistant, 509.625.6749

Friday, July 21, 2017 at 1:17 p.m.

Invest With Us: Getting to Know Your Area Expert

The City of Spokane has six target investments areas; one of these target areas is East Sprague. The City’s Economic Development Strategy and Target Area Incentives, commitment to plan implementation, and ongoing staff support to local stakeholders including area investors have had a positive impact on development within the East Sprague Target Area.

It is easy to see that the East Sprague Target Area benefits from a broader partnership between the City of Spokane, community partners, and prospective investors. The City’s allocation of staff resources have resulted in the addition of alley lighting, grading of alleys, the formation of the City’s second Parking and Business Improvement District (PBIA) – The East Sprague PBIA – and a cleaner, safer district which enhances the economic vitality and desirability of the business corridor and surrounding residential areas.

Melissa Owen

The economic development area expert for the East Sprague area is Melissa Owen. Melissa helps those interested in development within the East Sprague target area by explaining the incentives the City of Spokane offers to encourage new development and the rehabilitation of existing buildings. She works with the development and business community to identify state and federal incentives that may be available to an investor or their tenants and connects them with area experts who can assist in obtaining these added benefits. Melissa is also the City liaison for both the East Sprague Parking and Business Improvement Area (PBIA) Advisory Board and the East Sprague Targeted Investment Pilot (TIP) Advisory Board. Additionally she regularly attends East Spokane Business Association and East Central Neighborhood Council meetings to ensure that the economic development team is engaging with a wide group of local stakeholders and partners. Part of Melissa’s work with this broad group of community stakeholders is to connect them to other partners to help the East Sprague community achieve their target area vision.

In our next East Sprague Target Area blog you’ll learn more about how the City’s target area incentives have been used to support private development in the East Sprague Target Area.

If you are interested in developing within the East Sprague target area contact Melissa Owen at or at 509.625.6063.

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