Kathleen Myers

We Need Your Input about Public Parking

Kathleen Myers, Community Programs Coordinator, 509.625.6733

Friday, August 4, 2017 at 4:42 p.m.

We Need Your Input about Public Parking

Updated August 9, 2017

The City of Spokane is creating a new pilot to take comment on Parking system changes in the downtown. This pilot is to test effective ways to communicate parking stay changes in specific areas, provide an opportunity for stakeholder input in the evaluation process. This pilot for testing communication is being used on a proposed meter time stay change in the following areas:

  • Jefferson Street from the railroad viaduct to Second Avenue
  • Second Avenue between Adams and Madison Streets

The recommendations for the 2 hour meters in this area include changing the maximum timestay to a mix of:

  • 4-hour
  • all-day

Maps are provided below to reflect the current and proposed meter timestay changes.  Please be aware that this notice is limited only to the meter timestays depicted on the maps.

Prior to implementing these changes, there is a 10 day comment period during which any stakeholders in the area can provide feedback on the proposed changes. The purpose of this feedback is to learn of impacts to the affected business, residences, or properties. This change will be based on efficiency (throughout downtown we should see an 85% use of meters) and user needs in this area.

Jefferson Meter Timestay Changes Maps (Draft) (PDF 85 KB)

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