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Bosch Lot Update & Next Steps September 2017

Fianna Dickson, City of Spokane Parks & Recreation, Communication Manager, 509.625.6297

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 2:13 p.m.

Bosch Lot Update & Next Steps September 2017

Update September 6, 2017: Parks and Recreation was planning to request RCO (Recreation and Conservation office) restrictions be transferred from the Bosch lot to other properties. RCO restrictions limit uses to outdoor recreation and facilities that support outdoor recreation to the general public.

As part of the planned request, we initiated a public comment period (below) slated to last until September 17. We've received over 40 responses thus far. Many of the comments address one proposed use for the lot – a climbing gym – and are less about the transferring of restrictions.

The feedback tells us it would be highly worthwhile to step back and look at Bosch lot as one piece of a key opportunity zone. We've elected to end the comment period early and begin asking bigger questions about the lot, questions that take into account the neighboring assets, traffic flows, and recommendations from the Riverfront Park Master Plan.

We will host a visioning and planning exercise with other city departments that involves citizens and seeks to clarify the charter. Next steps and more information are outlined below. We look forward to collaborating on the future of this beautiful property.

Bosch Lot is situated between Kendall Yards, Riverfront Park, and the Veterans Memorial Arena. Currently, it is under construction as a CSO tank. The site was purchased by Parks and Recreation in 1975 using funds from the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO), and has been used as a parking lot since.

RCO Limitations & Exceptions
There are RCO restrictions on the Bosch Lot, which limit uses to outdoor recreation and facilities that support outdoor recreation open to the general public. RCO restrictions may be moved to other properties of equal recreational and dollar value, with RCO approval.

Community Outreach
Parks opened a 30-day community survey to gather feedback about removing RCO restrictions from the Bosch lot. Many of the comments received thus far are around one proposed use of the lot – a climbing gym – and less about transferring the restrictions for a variety of recreational opportunities. From this process, we recognized a need to step back and look at the larger area around the lot. We’ve elected to end the comment period early to have deeper analysis and ask bigger questions of the lot's future.

Future of the Bosch Lot
The Bosch lot is an opportunity zone and should be considered as part of a bigger picture given its location. Its neighboring assets include Bridge Street, Riverfront Park, Centennial Trail, the Spokane River and Falls, Kendall Yards, the new Wonder Bread Bakery development, Post Street, Spokane Falls Blvd., CSO 26, Huntington Park, and local businesses.

Next Steps
Parks would like to pivot the Bosch considerations towards something bigger.

  • Parks will remove their RCO conversion request slated for October.
  • A visioning and planning exercise will be developed that assesses neighboring assets and traffic flows, and ties in recommendations from the Riverfront Park Master Plan. The Bosch lot would be part of that broader discussion. The exercise would aim to involve citizens in a larger conversation about the area, and gather feedback to help provide clarity for future direction.
  • Charter clarifications will be sought in order to clarify and modernize the lease process.
  • Any public/private recreation partnerships would be considered through an open proposal.
  • Goals for the Bosch lot will be developed in partnership with the Integrated Capital and Utilities departments of the City.
  • Community outreach will be conducted to gather public feedback.
  • Recommendations will be made to the Park Board, City Council and Mayor's office.

View the public comment information that was open August 11 and closed early on September 6. Additional community outreach and public commenting will be open as noted above. We look forward to involving the community in a broader discussion about the Bosch lot.

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