Charlie Wolff

City of Spokane Selling Normandie Complex

Charlie Wolff, Business Development Manager, 509.625.6191

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 8:58 a.m.

City of Spokane Selling Normandie Complex


$4,250,000 - The City of Spokane is excited to offer, two prime city-blocks for redevelopment. The site consists of approximately 5.3 acres of property with roughly 65,000sf of existing building infrastructure.


127 W. Mission Ave. Spokane, WA 99201

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The site is terraced, from East to West with a slight variation in elevation – overall a relatively flat project. The property sits just north of the downtown CBD and only a half-mile from Gonzaga University, the Spokane Arena and Riverfront Park.

Available now. The City is looking for a change agent and catalyst to take on this site and to create an amazing addition of mixed –use potential!

Please see the attached packet of marketing information and refer questions to either Ed Lukas, Asset Manager or Charlie Wolff, Business Development Manager.


We are excited to activate this part of the community and are looking for an owner/developer to share a vision of potential for this location and unlock its great potential!


FOR SALE. We are accepting Letters of Intent to Purchase. The Sale is subject to City Council Approval. An ideal proposal will help the City to maximize the potential development and include some key features: residential and mixed-use development, office/commercial development, spur job creation, take advantage of traffic and transportation along Mission Ave., create tax revenue for the City, be of solid design, be of acceptable terms and conditions, and lead with vision! Additional documentation for this property may be found online at the City's website.

Please email or call for additional information and to schedule a site tour.

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