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Spoiler Alert Normandie Phase II is Clean

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Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 2:17 p.m.

Spoiler Alert Normandie Phase II is Clean

Spoiler alert…

The property is clean! Sure, there will be some unforeseen additional clean up required with improvements, but the concern of the property being a brownfield is no longer valid. 

On November 20, 2017 Budinger & Associates released their Environmental Site Characterization Report for the Former Normandie Maintenance Facility at 127 W. Mission Ave., Spokane, WA. Upon drilling 42 environmental borings to depths of 10-40 feet; “We have not found significant environmental contamination during the course of this investigation.” Furthermore, “… Some remediation should be anticipated due to leaks and spills and tank overfills. These conditions are normal or at least common. We did not find severe or widespread soil or groundwater contamination associated with this or previous UST systems.”

Ed Lukas and Teri Stripes quickly realized, “this is an example of the City being a good steward of property for 118 years”. The City of Spokane acquired the property from JJ Browne in 1899, operated many generations of fleet vehicles out of it.  The Phase I environmental study conducted on August 16, 2016 outlined concerns about the past usage and potential risk.

The City took the initiative to hire a contractor and to conduct the Phase II in an effort to remove barriers to purchase and mitigate a potential buyer’s risk. The latest report indicates the property is virtually unspoiled. Ed Lukas said, “I have performed due diligence on commercial properties for 20 years in over 30 major markets around the country and can unequivocally say this is a remarkable accomplishment.” Kudos to the City of Spokane, for over 100 years, the employees from fleet, street operations, and other departments helped to deliver this very positive legacy.

The City of Spokane is actively marketing this property FOR SALE - see the original blog posting for more information, site specifics, and links!

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