Jessica Fisher

Hot Materials Do Not Belong In the Garbage

Jessica Fisher, Public Information Assistant, 509.625.6749

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 at 2:42 p.m.

Hot Materials Do Not Belong In the Garbage

Warmer weather means it’s time to fire up the barbecue!  For some master chefs, that means lighting up charcoal or wood-fired grills.  Tasty cooking, but what isn’t fun is a garbage fire caused by hot coals and ashes. They are more common than you think and can be dangerous and costly.  Keep hot coals and ashes out of your trash.

In fact, last week we had a fire on the Waste to Energy Facility’s tipping floor. The fire was started from barbecue charcoal that was still hot.  Employees were quickly able to extinguish the fire and no one was hurt.

To be safe, treat all coals and ashes as if they are hot.  Even when cool to the touch, they can hold enough heat in their cores to start a fire.  Follow these tips before disposing them in your trash:

  • Allow ashes and coals to cool inside your grill or wood stove for several days
  • When ready for disposal, move them to a metal container and wet them down.  Set outside and away from your home or other combustibles.
  • On disposal day, bag up the wet coals and ashes and set in your container for collection or prior to self-hauling to the Waste to Energy Facility.

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