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Parking Downtown? SAVEONE by using the Passport App!

SAVEONE Campaign

The City of Spokane returned to on-street paid parking May 26th. Restaurants, salons and retail are all reopening with restrictions as we move through the Safe Start plan.

Parking Services offers the Passport App as a no-contact and convenient option to pay for on-street parking. Beginning June 8, there will be a one-time opportunity to save $1 on your on-street paid parking. Get $1 off when using the Passport Parking App with the code: SAVEONE.

SAVEONE is an incentive to try the Passport App and motivate current users to try curbside pick-up as the economy continues to recover.

How to use the validation code?

  • Download and Open the Passport Parking App.
  • Tap "New Session".
  • Enter 6 digit "Zone" number beginning with an 8, found on the decal of every on-street parking payment device.
  • Select or add the vehicle. Multiple vehicles can be used on the same account.
  • Select how long you want to park.
  • Tap "Continue $"
  • If you tap "Redeem" you can add the "SAVEONE" validation code* to get a $1 discount on your parking session.
  • Tap "Confirm" and you can finish the payment with your credit/debit card or wallet.
  • Tap "Confirm Payment"

*The validation code SAVEONE is case sensitive.

If you have notifications on, you should receive a notice 15 minutes before your session expires.

Why try Passport?

Passport is a no-contact and convenient way to pay for parking if you have a credit or debit card, enabling you to pay without touching the parking payment device. Spokane has a higher than average rate of using the app, if you haven’t tried it, you’ll probably like it!

Having trouble with the Passport App itself?

Answers to common questions can be found on Passport's support site. You can access the information on the app itself as well as Passport’s website. If the app is not working, the best way to report a problem is to report it through “Contact Us” on the website. The support site on Passport's website has a "Contact Us" button in the upper right which opens a text box for you to tell them about the problem.

If using the app, you will click the P in the upper right corner. Tap "My Account," "Support," then "FAQ". "Contact Us" button is in the upper right and will begin a chat session.

You are also welcome to notify 311 of the problem as well. Parking Services verifies and reports any issue that is reported by multiple people.

Alternatives to on-street parking

  • Commute Smart NW offers many commuting alternatives which can save you money and help the environment. They also offer monthly prizes should you want to participate.
  • Shuttle Park at the arena is a very affordable option for parking.
  • The Downtown Spokane Partnership has a map of off-street parking options.
  • Ride the bus. Face coverings are required. The Spokane Transit Authority keeps their website updated with the most recent changes.

For questions and information, contact My Spokane by calling 311 or online at

Passport Parking

Mobile payment is available for all on-street paid parking areas. Download the Passport app at the app store on your phone and set up an account with your phone number or email for fast and convenient parking payment. A web version is also available at

Just park where you see Passport Parking app decals, pay for your parking session from your phone, and be on your way.

What are the benefits of using Passport Parking?

  • No coins, no problem:
    • Pay quickly and securely with your phone using the zone number found on the Passport Parking decal.
    • Forget filling the meter in the rain or braving the cold.
  • Stress-free parking:
    • Get alerts when your parking session is about to end.
    • Stop worrying about how much time is left on the meter.
  • No need to rush:
    • Your plans change, your parking spot shouldn't. Simply extend your parking minutes via our app up to the maximum timestay before your session ends.
  • Easy expenses:
    • Receive email receipts at the end of your parking session.
    • Manage your parking history through the mobile app.

Check out Passport FAQs to learn how to add:

  • Credit or debit cards to your account
  • Email address(es) to your account
  • Vehicle(s) to your account

Still have questions? Call 311.

Park. Pay. Be On Your Way. ® with the Passport Parking app!

Contact Us

Have a question about parking? Call 311, or for outside city limits, 509.755.CITY (2489).