Parking App

Using a mobile app is a no-contact and convenient way to pay for parking if you have a credit or debit card, enabling you to pay without touching the parking payment device. Spokane has a higher-than-average rate of using the app. If you haven’t tried it, you'll probably like it!



ParkMobile is the City of Spokane’s on-street mobile parking app provider. ParkMobile offers multiple ways to pay for parking, making it easier than ever to go contactless.


  • Extend your parking session remotely if you have not reached the maximum time limit
  • Get text message reminders before your parking session expires
  • Get email receipts

Ways to Pay

  • Pay by App: The full-featured app for iOS and Android provides the most complete parking experience. Download the app on your phone and register.
  • Pay by Web: The mobile web experience lets you quickly pay for parking without downloading the full app. You can scan the QR code on the meter or go to ParkMobile’s website.
  • Pay by Text: Text “PARK” to 77223 to quickly start a parking session.
  • Google Pay: Pay with ParkMobile right in the Google Pay app. Plus, quick links from Google Maps make it easy to navigate and start a parking session.

ParkMobile’s website is located at If you search for ParkMobile, please be aware of search results and pay attention to the web address listed. Be aware of fraudulent sites masquerading as ParkMobile. These companies try to trick people into visiting a website that pretends to be ParkMobile.

Promo Codes

If you have a parking promo code for ParkMobile, you can load the code on the app and use it to park. Once the code is loaded, the next time you try to pay, the code will be used first.

  • At the bottom of the ParkMobile app, tap “Settings”
  • Under “Parking,” select “Promotion Codes”
  • Tap “Add New” promo code
  • Enter your promo code
  • Tap “Save”

Important Information

  • Enter the full license plate number as it reads on your vehicle registration without any spaces. Entering an incorrect or partial plate will result in a ticket.
  • Use the correct zone/space numbers for the area you are parked. Check the meter or kiosk to determine your zone/space. Some areas only require a zone number while others require a zone and space. Do not use a location number from across the street or around the corner. You can find ParkMobile zone and space location numbers on this map as well by zooming into the map and selecting the diamond.
  • How does enforcement work? No need to display a receipt but enter your license plate correctly. Parking Enforcement can see your payment automatically on their enforcement equipment.
  • Posted time limits still apply. Do not stay in the same parking zone longer than the time limit posted.

Contact Us

Have a question about parking? Call 311, or for outside city limits, 509.755.CITY (2489).