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On-street Paid Parking Map

The On-street Paid Parking Map shows the locations of the 2-hour, 4-hour, and All Day on-street parking spaces that require payment within the Paid Parking Zone. It also shows on-street spaces that are reserved by permit for construction or special events.

Non-paid parking spaces are on the map as well. Some require permits to park in them, other spaces are time regulated for picking up or dropping off. Non-paid parking spaces are:

  • Commercial Loading Zones
  • Passenger Loading Zones
  • Taxi Zones
  • 10 Min Zones

You can also see the different districts within the on-street Paid Parking Zone such as the Entertainment District and Congested District as well as individual block numbers.

The On-street Paid Parking Map is updated regularly with the most recent information we have available. Please verify time limit information on the payment device, payment app, or signs to make sure you are in compliance.

If you need help using the map, please see the On-street Paid Parking Map Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What days and times do I have to pay for on-street parking?

Paid Parking Hours are:

  • Monday – Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
How much does on-street parking cost?
  • 2 hour spaces - $1.20/hour; 2 hour maximum timestay
  • 4 hour spaces - $0.80/hour; 4 hour maximum timestay
  • All Day spaces - $0.40/hour to $0.50/hour

Please note: $1.20 is the minimum charge if paying by credit/debit card at meters, kiosks or through ParkMobile. There is a $.35 transaction fee if using ParkMobile. Rates are set in the Spokane Municipal Code, Section 08.02.083C.

What forms of payment can I use to pay for parking?
  • Coin is accepted at all parking meters and kiosks.
  • Credit/Debit Cards can be used at some parking meters and kiosks.
  • ParkMobile can be used at all on-street locations with parking meters or kiosks.
What happens if I have funds remaining in my Passport Parking wallet?

If you have wallet funds remaining, please review the Passport Parking App Refunds FAQ.

When are the Free Parking Days?
  • Sundays
  • New Year's Day*
  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
  • Presidents Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth*
  • Independence Day (Fourth of July)*
  • Labor Day
  • Indigenous Peoples' Day
  • Veterans Day*
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day*

* If the above holiday falls on a Sunday, the immediately following Monday is an observed holiday.

There is a City of Spokane parking charge I do not recognize on my credit or debit card.

If you do not recognize a charge on your credit or debit card and believe someone is using your card number to pay for parking, please contact the credit card company or bank who issued the card, and notify them of fraudulent activity.

The meter or kiosk is not taking payment, is broken, or has a bag or reservation placard on it. Can I park there?

If a meter is bagged or has a placard posted, it is reserved, and you should not park in that spot unless it is your reservation.

If you are unable to pay with coin, card or the app at a meter or kiosk, you should not park in that spot. We would also appreciate knowing there is a problem with a meter or kiosk if you have time to report it, so we can fix the issue.

I put in coins to pay for parking, but the device ate my coins.

The City does not refund cash lost in payment devices due to the inability to verify the time, date or legitimacy of coin used to pay for parking.

I accidentally paid multiple times for one parking session, what should I do?

Wait for the charges to go from "Processing" to "Completed" or "Settled". Once the multiple charges have gone through, contact 3‑1‑1 and they will walk you through the next steps. Please Note: The City CANNOT refund any charges that have not completed processing.

What does the maximum timestay of the meter mean? Can I keep putting money in the meter after that?

The maximum timestay of the meter is the longest amount of time you are allowed to park at that meter (2, 4, or all day) before you have to move your car. Feeding the meter past the maximum timestay even with a different form of payment is a violation of the Spokane Municipal Code. If you are caught feeding the meter, you may receive a citation.

Can I move my car one spot or stall away and pay for parking again? I moved to a different meter?

The Spokane Municipal Code, Section 16A.05.310D, states once you have stayed the maximum time allowed by the parking payment device or by posted signage, you must move your vehicle off the block face. A block face is one side of a block between road intersections. Pulling into a stall on the same block face could result in a ticket.

If I have a disabled license plate or placard, do I have to pay for parking?

There is no charge for parking with a valid disabled plate or placard for up to 4 hours of parking. In All-Day areas, where the meter or kiosk allows you to park beyond 4 hours, payment is required to start a parking session at the end of the first four hours allowed free of charge.

How long can I park at a parking payment device with my disabled placard?

In 2 and 4 hour areas where the time limit is posted by sign or decal, you must move your vehicle to a new block face after the maximum 4 hour limit is reached.

In All-Day areas where the time limit is posted and the meter or kiosk allows you to park beyond 4 hours, payment is required for your parking session after the maximum 4 hour limit is reached.

Do disabled veteran plates give the same parking privileges as the other disabled plates?

No. Disabled veteran plates do not have the same qualifications for issuance as disabled placards or plates. You must have a disabled placard, plate, or registration tab sticker in order to park for free at a parking payment device or in a marked disabled space.


Where are the garages and lots located that I can park?

The Downtown Spokane Partnership has a map of parking lots and rates.


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