Parking Complaint Steps

The City follows a legal process when someone reports a problem with a vehicle on the street. The process itself may seem redundant; however, the City must follow the legal process because it may end with a person losing their property. Certain violations may result in immediate immobilization and/or impound.

Officers must be able to see the violation reported. The time frame to resolve a case varies on 1) what type of issue is reported, 2) if a violation is found, 3) if the issue is resolved, and 4) officer availability.

The graphic below is a visual which shows how many steps and trips it could take to address a complaint. A case could be closed at any point in the process, or it may go through all 10 steps.

If conditions or location of a vehicle have changed please let us know, but if they remain the same, know we will address the issue, it just may take time.

  • Step 1


    Complaint Filed

    Step 1

    A case is created when a complaint is filed.

  • Case Officer

    Step 2

    Case Assigned

    Step 2

    The case is given to Parking and put in a queue for them to inspect.

  • Step 3


    Vehicle Inspected

    Step 3

    Officers visit the location of the complaint. The first inspection is meant to verify there is a vehicle at the location reported and there is a violation.

  • Step 4

    1st Violation

    Warning, Violation
    or Close Complaint

    Step 4

    If the vehicle is located and violation found, a warning is given. An officer may issue a ticket at this point instead, or close the case if the violation has been resolved.

  • Step 5


    Re-Inspect Vehicle

    Step 5

    Officers go back to the site they issued a warning or there was a violation to see if the issue has been resolved.

  • Step 6

    2nd Violation

    or Close Complaint

    Step 6

    If officers see the same violation, find another violation, or the vehicle has not moved they address all violations present. If the issues have been resolved, they close the case.

  • Step 7


    Re-Inspect Vehicle

    Step 7

    Officers go back to the location of the violation to see if the violations have been corrected or not.

  • Step 8

    3rd Violation

    or Close Complaint

    Step 8

    If there is still a violation, it is most likely a time stay violation at this point. An officer will issue a ticket for the violation and will place a tow notice on the car.

  • Step 9


    Attempt to Contact
    Registered Owner

    Step 9

    Parking makes every attempt to notify the registered owner of the violation(s) that need fixed, and notice of impending tow.

  • Step 10


    Tow Vehicle
    or Close Complaint

    Step 10

    The vehicle may be towed as a last resort. The case will either be closed because the vehicle was towed or because violations were resolved.

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