Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What days and times do I pay for on-street parking?

Paid Parking Hours are:

  • Monday – Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
When are the Free Parking Days?

All parking rules, including time limits, apply during the following Free Parking Days:

  • Sundays
  • New Year's Day*
  • Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
  • Presidents Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth*
  • Independence Day (Fourth of July)*
  • Labor Day
  • Indigenous Peoples' Day
  • Veterans Day*
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day*

*If the above holiday falls on a Sunday, the immediately following Monday is an observed holiday.

What are the Spokane Municipal Codes for Parking?

Spokane Municipal Code contains all codes. Most parking related codes fall under Transportation, Stopping, Standing, Parking and Loading Regulations.

Where does the money from parking go and how is it used?

The parking revenue generated goes right back into the parking system. Spokane Municipal Code, Section 07.08.130 has more information on the parking system fund and how the money is to be used.

After Hours Questions

I think my car was towed or stolen. Who should I contact?

Call Crime Check at 509.456.2233. They will be able to tell you if your vehicle was towed and if not, help you report that the vehicle is stolen.

I cannot get out of my driveway, it is blocked by a vehicle. What should I do?

If your driveway is blocked you can call Crime Check at 509.456.2233 to have the vehicle ticketed and towed.

I live near a school and people are double parking, or parking in areas where parking is not allowed. What can be done to change this?

The best way to deal with these issues is to work with the school directly or your neighborhood council. Brief problems are harder to enforce. Parking does patrol around school start and end times regularly, as well as work with the school itself.

I got a boot or immobilization device on my vehicle. How do I get the device removed?

A notice is posted on the vehicle when it is immobilized with directions on who to contact and device removal.

Parking Feedback

I would like to report a problem with a vehicle on the street.

Please be ready to provide the location the vehicle is located, license plate number, make, model, color, style, anything unique about the vehicle and the problem. You have several options to do this:

  • Call My Spokane at 311 or 509.755.2489 (CITY)
  • Submit a complaint through or the My Spokane App.
  • Make a complaint in-person at City Hall at the My Spokane counter on the 1st floor.
I reported a problem with a vehicle on the street.

View the parking complaint steps to see what you should expect after reporting a problem with a vehicle on the street.

I would like to report an on-street parking device malfunction or maintenance issue.

Please be prepared to provide the number located on the pole itself, and the issue.

  • Call My Spokane at 311 or 509.755.2489 (CITY)
  • Submit a complaint through or the My Spokane App.
  • Make a complaint in-person at City Hall at the My Spokane counter on the 1st floor.
I would like to tell you about my experience with a City parking employee.

You are welcome to tell us about your experience with a City Parking employee, by emailing or in writing at the 311 counter in City Hall, and we will get back to you.

I would like to suggest a change or revision to on-street parking.

Please fill out and submit a Parking Revision Application to suggest an on-street parking change or revision.

Your request will be reviewed by the applicable departments, further questions may be asked, and a decision will be reached. Whatever decision is reached, you will be notified. This process often takes a month or longer.

I would like to give the City parking suggestions or feedback.

Please email your suggestions or feedback to

About Us

The City operates a complex and dynamic parking system to support a diverse array of business, entertainment and residential needs in order to move people and goods across the City.

Parking Enforcement Specialists enforce the Spokane Municipal Code (SMC) related to parking across the City to keep people safe and streets easy to navigate. Our Parking Enforcement Specialists are professionals, and they are committed to educating and helping the public. They routinely give warnings the first time they encounter a problem as long as it is not a safety concern to give people the opportunity to learn what they were doing wrong, and fix the problem without being penalized.

If you see a parking specialist, say hi and do not hesitate to ask a question!

Contact Us

Have a question about parking? Call 311, or for outside city limits, 509.755.CITY (2489).

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