Looff Carrousel Horse Exhibition at the MAC

Fianna Dickson, Spokane Parks & Recreation, 509.625.6297

Friday, October 6, 2017 at 4:10 p.m.

The City of Spokane Parks & Recreation is proud to partner with the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture to bring an exhibition of hand carved horses from famed craftsman and amusement ride builder Charles I. D. Looff.

The exhibition features one of the horses from Riverfront Park’s 1909 Looff Carrousel as well as a horse from the 1880 Looff Feltman Carousel on Coney Island which operated until 1964. Seeing the stark contrast between two carousel horses with very different levels of care over the years, visitors will leave with an appreciation for both Charles Looff and the skilled few who work to keep his beautiful hand-carved horses merrily going round to this day.

When:             Now through January 7, 2017

Where:            Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture: 2316 W 1st Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

More:              www.northwestmuseum.org



Riverfront Park’s Looff Carrousel was originally a wedding gift from Charles I. D. Looff to his daughter Emma Vogel and her husband Louis Vogel. On July 18, 1909, the Looff Carrousel began operation in Natatorium Park, an amusement park on the bank of the Spokane River on the west side of Spokane. After entertaining many generations of children and families, Natatorium Park closed its doors for good in 1967 and the Carrousel was put in storage. In the early 1970s a plan was discussed to bring the Carrousel out of storage to display it during Expo ‘74, but, concerned that the crowds could damage the hand-carved Carrousel, it remained in storage until 1975 when it was moved to Riverfront Park.