Site Preparation Begins at Riverfront Park’s Pavilion and Promenades

Fianna Dickson, 509.625.6297

Monday, December 4, 2017 at 10:26 a.m.

As Riverfront Park redevelopment progresses, work will soon begin at the U.S. Pavilion, Central Promenade and North Promenade sites.

The map indicates the best ways for pedestrians and cyclists to make their way through the park during construction, and open parking lots.


December 11
Temporary closure
Avista is temporarily closing the suspension bridges that take pedestrians and cyclists between the intersection of Post and Broadway, across snx? mene? (formerly Canada Island) and Havermale Island. Avista is replacing cable under both bridges. The detour route will take people across the Howard Street Promenade pedestrian bridges. It is anticipated to be complete December 22.

Fencing is anticipated to go up around the U.S. Pavilion and Central Promenade on Havermale Island. The fencing will remain until summer 2019.

February 2018
Fencing is scheduled to surround the North Promenade, closing the Howard Street Promenade pedestrian bridges. Detour routes through the park will take visitors either across the suspension bridges or the Washington Street bridge. Construction is anticipated to be complete in fall 2018.

Late Spring 2018
The Looff Carrousel, Howard Street South Channel Bridge, and Rotary Fountain are anticipated to open to the public.

Tree Protections and Removals

Site preparations include tree canopy and root pruning, mulch and protection zones, and selective tree removals – all provided by certified arborists.

December 5
Tree protections and removals will begin at the North Promenade and snx? mene? (formerly Canada Island). Pathways and parking will remain open. Work is anticipated to last 3 days.

The U.S. Pavilion and Central Promenade sites will begin tree protections and removals, all within the construction fences. Work could last several weeks, depending on weather.

There is a 2-for-1 replacement policy; for every tree removed, two will be planted in City of Spokane parks with priority given to Riverfront Park. The tree work for this project involves the removal of 128 trees, resulting in the planting of 256 new trees throughout the park system. The redevelopment of Riverfront Park was designed with trees at the forefront. Plans were drawn to ensure trees with the highest significance and value remained.


Parking lot 6 will fully re-open in December. Parking lot 7 (Bosch lot) has re-opened while a master plan for the site’s future is in development. Lots 1, 3, 4, and 5 remain open. (See map)

Intermittent Closing
Parking lot 2 at the North Bank will experience intermittent closures during construction of the North Promenade.

Daily rates are $5. Monthly permits are $35 and quarterly are $95.

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