Post Street Becomes Two-Way by City Hall

Fianna Dickson, 509.625.6297

Friday, June 29, 2018 at 12:31 p.m.

Beginning the week of July 9, Post Street will become a two-way for one block at City Hall, between Spokane Falls Blvd. and the Mobius Science Center.

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A construction access road off Post St. serves all of Riverfront Park redevelopment. When construction vehicles exit, they cannot turn north (right) onto the one-way because Post Street Bridge weight restrictions do not allow them to cross.

Trucks must turn left and go against traffic for one block, and exit onto Spokane Falls Blvd. This causes safety concerns, traffic delays, and increased traffic control costs.

Soon, up to 16 construction trucks per hour will be going south on Post St.

Changing Post St. to a two-way for one block will:

  • Increase safety: With so much construction traffic going the wrong way on Post, there are safety concerns for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.
  • Minimize disruption: Traffic can flow more efficiently, because we avoid the constant need to stop traffic while a construction truck drives the wrong way to exit.
  • Provide cost savings: Instead of hiring three traffic control specialists, we will only need one.
  • Increase efficiencies: Multiple projects within the park utilize the construction entrance off Post including the Pavilion, promenades, and in the near future the playground and Sister Cities garden. We are also working collaboratively with the Post Street Bridge project staff to determine if there are future benefits during bridge construction.

Parking will be only minimally impacted; there may be a loss of 2 metered spots. Parking lot 6 will remain open, and buses may utilize parking lot 6 to turn around as the south end of the lot re-opens to the street.

The mid-block pedestrian crossing will remain, and the speed limit will still be 20 MPH.

The week of July 9, crews will work overnight to re-stripe, sign and signal. When the work is completed, Post St. will transition to a two-way street for one block. At the end of 2019 as Riverfront Park redevelopment work wraps up, the Post Street Bridge replacement project may modify the street further.

Thank you for your patience during construction. We anticipate this transition will reduce the amount of time you have to wait for construction vehicles and increase safety along the road.

We look forward to opening additional new spaces in Riverfront for the community to enjoy!